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Two - Strangers (025)

"Didn't get too far—did you Mackenzie?"

Ellyn's eyes didn't seem to open fast enough. Her body propelled up; sweat collecting at the top of her forehead. The past was once again, toying with her ability to have a good night's rest. It was already difficult to fall into a peaceful slumber, due to her grunge-like surroundings. Even her subconscious mind wouldn't dare allow her to forget who she was. Her eyes closed again, trying to erase the harsh mental film from each nerve ending in her head. There wasn't much success.

She let out a few quick panicked breaths before her breathing stopped all together. The woman dreaded to blink her eyes, for the fear that she was in reality.

Three pairs of eyes stood at the foot of the bed, gawking. Two of them were approximately the same height, while the other came to the mid torso of the two. The three men hovered over the bed, their focal point remaining on Ellyn. She stared back, not knowing whether to explain her reason for intrusion or scream for help. While staring at them, she analyzed the masculine expression of the two tallest men. Their mental stability seemed to be intact, but that was no guarantee. She reflected on her tour trying to remember any evidence of human mutilation. So far, nothing. Studying them closer, she realized the colossal resemblance of the two. Although, one wore a hat that consumed a true identity of his eyes, and the other had crisp black hair that brushed against his shoulders, they easily could have been identical twins, or the same person. She was still under the impression that she had never loosened the restraints of her dream. The twin brothers seemed to be not as mad but more so confused about her invasion of their home. Ellyn's eyes fell down to the younger red haired boy that stood next to them, whose eyes weren’t as welcoming. They were very hostile. Annoyed by her very presence. They caused her to push further against the bed.

"It's okay. We're not going to hurt you..." The man behind the hat spoke first. His tone was sincere, yet rough. It was something about the way he spoke that caught her attention. His voice was high pitched and rough. As he spoke, he would move his hands into odd positions. There was nothing normal about it, but she could still feel the security his voice brought. Unfortunately, that alone wasn't very trustworthy.

"You know that's what most murders start off with when they're about to kill you." Ellyn mumbled. The twin with the longest hair smiled at my partially serious sarcasm, but the teenage boy rolled his grey eyes in pure irritation.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know that this is breaking and entering? You can be arrested." The boy finally snapped. His eyes were burning, causing Ellyn to flinch once more.

The blonde fought to cough up the words lodged in her throat. "I'm-I'm sorr-sorry." Her head fell to her hands. "I just needed a place to sleep for the night. I meant no harm. There's no need to involve the police. I'll just leave." She hopped from the bed and grabbed her that belongings she had placed inside of a plastic bag off the cold wooden floor. Although, she was wearing their shirt, getting as far away from that house as possible was the main concern. She rushed past the three pillars, avoiding their stern and confused looks.

Trotting down the stairs, Ellyn suddenly came face to face with a reddish-haired woman. She could have been in her mid forties, early fifties, based on her chosen attire. Her spectacles covered up the majority of her sharp masculine face. The elderly woman's gray eyes should have been aggressive and annoyed, but they gave off the normal grandmotherly feel. A soft smile shifted onto her face. Her head leaned slightly to the side much like a curious child. Any normal human being would have been enraged to see a person they had never met invading their privacy. It was a wonder why she wasn't in handcuffs yet.

"Boys, I send you up there to retrieve Christmas decorations and you come out with a beautiful girl." She looked up at where the stairs met the ceiling, then back down at Ellyn. The wrinkles above her eyes beamed. "Well dear, who might you be?"

"E-Ellyn. Ellyn Granger." The blonde stammered. Her cheeks flushed red, along with the rest of her body. She tried to push out a smile. It was a pointless act. Her wide frightful eyes overcame any plea for mercy that appeared on her face. The men joined them on the first floor. The twins remained side by side and closer to the conversation, while the red haired boy kept his distance.

"Well Miss Granger, it looks like you had a bit of a rough evening." The woman's eyes traced the lines of the wound on Ellyn's face. "Oh how rude of me." She chuckled under her breath. "I'm Shirley Brenton. You can call me Shirley, or Shirl. Whatever comes to mind first. These are my sons Gabriel," she motioned to the twin underneath the hat, "Isaiah," her smooth hand moved toward the long haired man, who hadn't stopped staring in Ellyn's direction since he touched the bottom step, "and Isaac. He's the youngest. Don't mind his awful attitude. He doesn't take to kindly to new people. Now tell me," she crossed her arms and planted all of her weight on both feet, "what brings you to my cottage?"

"I just needed a place to stay for the night." She paused as she awaited an adamant reaction, but the two seconds of silence had said enough. "I'm sorry for intruding." Ellyn stared down at her bare feet. "I think I should leave now." Before she would lift the balls of her feet from the Mrs. Brenton cut her off.

"Nonsense child! You're filthy! And by the looks of it you haven't had a home cooked meal in ages." Mrs. Brenton shook her head as she examined her shallow cheekbones and the rest of the woman's appearance. "You must stay with us, of course."

"Mom, are you sure about this?" Isaac spoke up from far corner of the room.

"Sure as Sunday morning, Isaac." She smiled and gracefully toddled over to the teenager and twisted his ear. The boy yelped in pain. Mrs. Brenton released her grip around his redden ear and turned back to face Ellyn. She smiled. "What kind of people would we be to let this child go out on her own? God forbid let her go unfed! The Lord himself would strike us down where we stood. You will join us for dinner tonight my dear. I'm sure Faven has something you can fit. Dinner is at seven o'clock sharp. Be on time or no desert." And with that, the elderly woman turned over her shoulder and strolled out the front door. 



  1. Hot Twins! Lucky Goldilocks!

    I wonder why the man in her nightmare called her Mackenzie? Did he rename his "Property" when he was keeping her locked up? Did she cahnge her name when she escaped so he couldn't find her?

    It's a good thing Mrs.Brenton showed up with her boys, or she'd have been out in those woods again before either of them spoke up!

    It seems they don't live in the cottage, so there must be a bigger house on the property that she didn't see the night before.

    I sure hope she gets to relax, eat, and clean up in saftey before that man comes looking for her!

    Great story!!!

  2. @Jill...
    I know right :) the twins are my prized possession! *swoons*
    Yeah your on the right rack about the different houses :) More will be revealed in chapter 3 :) Whenever I can get around to it, cause its a heft chapter. lol

  3. I agree, the twins are hotties. OMG, they are to die for. If I was Elyn/Mackenzie I wouldn't want to leave.

    I don't know why, but I kind of get a weird feeling about Mrs. Benton and her boys. She seemed too nice, too welcoming. For her sake I hope they are decent people.

  4. This time I read the other comments! I agree with everyone else, those twins are gorgeous.

    I'm glad it wasn't the man that she ran away from who found her. Maybe she will get a chance to really rest with these people.

    The red headed boy doesn't seem to trust her though.

    Great chapter!

  5. Like the twins, love the mother!
    Going to the next chapter :)

  6. OH! I love twins! Anything tall, dark and handsome is okay in my book.
    I wonder why the youngest is so upset about Ellyn.
    I am getting that the boys are Mrs. Brenton's sons? She seems like a very nice lady, very down to earth, but, um someone in their late forties, early fifties is not *cough* "Elderly". Maybe it's just my vanity, but I don't like thinking that in 10 years, or so, I would be considered elderly. LOL! Maybe "mature" would have been a better word.

  7. Oh my! Those twins are HOT! Isaiah reminds me of a very young (and hot) Joey Lawrence! Shirley seems sweet! I hope it's not a trick to suck her into the house and make her feel welcome before DUN DUN DUN!!! LOL But I love that she was so warm and welcoming. Looks as though El's life might be taking a turn for the better (if only because of the twins!)

  8. The twins are CUTE!! What a relief that they are friendly, and Mrs Benton wants to help her.

    I'm also wondering about the "McKenzie" part. Hmmm...


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