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Twelve - Fragile (.026)

Ellyn could say, without question, that these past three weeks were the best days of her life. For the first time in fifteen years, she was finally happy. Every morning, she would wake up happier than the day before. Her skin was glowing and her eyes had a sparkle to them that even she couldn't understand. If it weren’t for Gabriel trying to flatter her on numerous dates, Isaiah's poor attempts to teach her how to ride a horse or going into town for a shopping spree with Faven, Ellyn would probably have snuck out of the window and left a long time ago. There were times where she would forget who Mackenzie was and only focus on who Ellyn was becoming, but never the less, Mackenzie would always appear as Ellyn tried to conclude the day, taunting her with her unforgiving past. For some reason, this morning turned out to be nothing like the previous ones.

 Lately, she had be having these hallucination like dreams that seemed so real, that she had a hard time trying to figure out what was reality and what wasn't. Sometimes they were good, while others left her in a cold sweat shivering with fright.

She shot up as her brain finally released her body from the dream, but as she rose, her stomach was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of nausea. Before she had anytime to be confused, she rushed to the bathroom next door and fell to her knees as the dinner she had eaten last night cascaded into the awaiting toilet.

After about five minutes, she still found herself throwing up every corner of her stomach, and eventually, it led to dry heaves. The blonde removed her face from the toilet and settled in the corner that wasn't too far from the toilet, just in case her stomach decided to start up again.

The damn restaurant gave me food poison! Ellyn thought to herself has she cradled into a ball. She rested her clammy head against her knees as she tried to ignore the stabbing pain coming from her stomach. Inhaling deeply for the first time, she shut her eyes and patiently waited for the pain to leave her alone.

Her patience was unsuccessful. Somehow, she found enough strength to rise for the cool wooden floor. When she was finally able to reach the truth of a mirror, she jumped at the person looking back at her. The woman was a pale and exhausted. It was like the life had been sucked right out of her, and didn't look, or feel, like it was coming back anytime soon.

 Noticing the medicine cabinet behind the mirror, she opened it, in hoped of finding some Advil, or Xanax, anything to help stop this unforgiving pain in her lower abdomen. She grabbed a bottle labeled Pain Killers and tried to crack open the bottle.

The bottle, along with the pills inside, fell to the floor as she was hit with a very strong and overpowering cramp that brought her to tears. When she turned around to retrieve the bottle, the only pain grew sharper. She tried to scream, but the pain left her speechless.

There was a knock at the door, bust she couldn't even talk to allow the person to come in and hopefully rescue her. When there wasn't an answer, the person behind the door barged in and suddenly stopped when they noticed Ellyn cradling her stomach against the counter.

"Oh there you are. Faven has been looking for—" Gabriel stopped mid sentence and finally looked at the state of the woman before him. "Ellyn are you ok?" Between the gasps and tears, Ellyn managed looked up at his dirty, sweaty face and shake her head. She hardly had enough strength to even look up at him.

Before he even screamed for her name, Faven appeared in the door frame. "Jesus! There you are! We have been looking—oh my God. Ellyn what's wrong?"

"I don't know, but my stomach hurts really badly." Ellyn finally managed to squeeze out some words.

"Oh God, let's get you to a hospital. Gabe, help me get her down the stairs. It's going to be ok sweetheart, you just hang in there."

The sun was setting when Faven finally managed to find some time to break away from the hospital room and give her awaiting sister a call. Faven and Ellyn had been at the hospital for about nine hours now and between MRI's and blood work, exhausted didn't even come close to her true state of mind.

The phone one the other end rang twice before it was finally answered. "Faven is everything ok? How is she?"

Faven sucked in a much needed breath. "They got her stable, she's asleep now."

"Oh thank God. What was the diagnosis?"

Faven let out a sarcastic chuckle and rubbed her forehead against her hand. "I hope you're sitting down Mae."

"Why?" Shirley's voice went from concerned to pure worry.

"She's pregnant."

There was silence on the other end of the phone. "How far along?"

"A little less than a month, so she was pregnant when we found her. The doctors said she at the first stage of a miscarriage; that's what put her in so much pain, but they gave her some meds to stop the contractions. They're gonna watch her over night to make sure the baby is okay and that the medicine is working properly, so we should be home about tomorrow afternoon." Faven paused and waited for a reply from her sister. "Are you ready to take on something like this Mae?"

"I mean it's not like we can kick her out now. What kind of people would we be if we just kicked her out at her desperate moment? We'll just help her get on her feet and bounce back from this." Shirley stopped talking as a concerned thought popped into her head. "She hasn't said anything about trying to get an abortion has she? Please don't tell me she's going to give the baby up just like that!"

"Calm down Mae and no. She hasn't said anything since she found out, so I wouldn't know what's going on her mind right now. God, I wish I could figure what she's been through! You don't know how difficult it was to explain that I have no idea who and where her family is. They must have thought I was some kidnapper or something, but once I explained it the best I could, they had no choice but to accept me. They almost didn't let me in the hospital room at first." Faven left out a huff. "And, by the look on her face when she found out, the poor girl is terrified. So don't be surprised if she decides to go with the latter. It's her choice so we have to let her make her own choices and stand behind her one hundred percent."

The line was silent again. "I should come down there."

"No. I've got everything covered down here. You just stay at home and spread the news to the family, I mean they are going to find out eventually, so we might as well get it out now."

"You're right." Shirley paused. "Take care of her Faven, and.....thank you."

"I will Mae, and there is no more fighting it." Faven sighed. "Whether we like it or not, she's slowly becoming a part of this crazy, fucked up family." Shirely could hear the smile in Faven's voice.

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  1. Poor Ellyn! Finally happy and now she finds out that she's pregnant with that horrible man's baby!

    I can't wait to see if she keeps the baby and how it will affect her new relationships!

  2. OMG!!!! Ellyn is gonna have to come clean now. There's no way she can avoid it anymore. Oh man when Viv finds out wonder what she'll do.

  3. WHOA! I can't believe it! Poor girl. "Terrified" doesn't cut it. She should be outright hysterical! Pregnant by a psycho that beats her and makes her strip...yeah there's no way I'd be able to handle that.

    The doc said she was in the first stage of a miscarriage but they were able to make a recovery on the baby? So she will probably still have him/her? Interesting. I hope she decides before long though. I can't imagine how Gabriel will take that news though. I love how he was so concerned about her and helped her to the car.

    I wonder if this will make her spill at least a little of her past to her new "family".

  4. ~ Wow! What a pickle she is in!
    ~ Will she or won't she keep the baby?????
    ~ And what will Gab say when he finds out?
    ~ Now she has no choice,but to tell them,even if it is a watered down version,she must tell,to explain her decision!
    ~ Loved it! More when you can!(",)

  5. OMG, she's pregnant!! I have a feeling it's going to be Vaughn's baby. Is she going to keep it?? If she runs into him again, she needs to tell him, otherwise he'll kill her along with the baby.


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