Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven - Sanctuary (.041)

"Another year, another successful dinner." Faven mumbled in Shirley's door frame. The mature woman was so deep in thought that the voice of her insensitive sister had startled her.

"Since we were kids you have always had a problem with knocking." Shirley added a bit more emphasis to her final words as she closed the door attached to her armoire. She removed her glasses and the clothing she had worn to dinner and tossed them in their designated bin. They smelled of chicken grease and old tomatoes sauce. She had been slaving in the kitchen all afternoon and her back was about to give out from all the lingering stress. All she wanted to do at this point was relax in the confinements of her sanctuary, but that didn't look like it would happen tonight.

"And yet, after all these years, you still complain." Shirley rolled her eyes and proceeded to go and sit on her bed. Faven joined her and began to study her sibling's facial expression.

"Wow. You look like shit." Shirley looked up from the forest green quilt and gave her sister a sardonic look.

"Way to boost my self-esteem." She mumbled and began fiddling with the blanket.

"Anytime." She smiled as Shirley rolled her eyes once again. Faven rose from the bed and walked over to Shirley's dresser, where a few albums and CDs sat. That had suddenly caught Faven's attention. She looked down at the stack of boxes adjacent to the dresser. Why did she have these CDs out?

They had always had a normal yet, bizarre type of relationship. They bickered like any normal pair of siblings but their relationship was stronger than block of copper. In some cases, Shirley found herself being more of a mother to Faven, both literally and figuratively. Knowing each other inside, out and around was automatic with their remarkable bond. From the moment Faven walked into the room, she knew her sister's state of mind was far from ordinary. Mentally, Shirley knew that he sister was on to her.

"Well, Ellyn seemed to have a good time tonight. She's a trooper."

"Yeah. Thanks again for helping out with getting her together. Poor thing is a mess."

"No problem Mae. I like her though, but it's something about her. It's like she has this huge wall paved around her trying to protect whatever it is she doesn't want us to know. Lord knows what’s actually behind that barrier." Faven shook her head.

"Everyone has a past Fae; we can't judge her on what or who she use to be."

"You know I'm the last one to judge anyone, but what if she is some delusional murder or a freaking psychopath? You wouldn't know would you? This isn't one of your stray pets that you scooped off the street Mae. This girl...she could be dangerous. I would think that would be something that you take into consideration."

"That’s a different story Fae, and you know it. You saw those scratches on her face! I highly think a killer would have as much terror in her eyes as she had. You didn't see her when we first found her. It's like she just wanted to die the moment she saw me. She needs our help, and who am I to turn her away?"

Faven sighed and went back to sitting on the bed. "I'm just saying Mae; know who is living in your house. I would hate to help this girl and it all is a big waist of both of our time. I'm actually excited to have a new task at hand. It's about time we blew this place up with some excitement." Finally, Shirley let out a smile. "I understand Mae." Faven placed her hand on her only sibling.

Shirley's head snapped up. "Understand what?"

"With the twins moving out and Isaac about to graduate, you're going to be all alone on this big ranch. It's only a matter of time before Isaiah and Gabriel get married and move far away—"

"You think I'm suffering from empty nest syndrome?" Shirley almost seemed disgusted by what her sister was inferring, but as it sank in, she couldn't help but agree. She sighed. "Maybe you're right. When Micah left...I don't know. It's like I'm helpless trash bag blowing on the highway or a filthy penny in the middle of a busy intersection. I guess with Ellyn here I finally feel...important." Shirley sat there glaring at the patterns on the quilt. For as long as she could remember, she was always taking care of something. Whether it be a helpless dog or her erratic sister, it was always something that depended on her. Lately, she felt a huge crater developing in the relationship with her offspring. It was like her children hardly cared for her existence anymore. Her motherly title seemed to have vanished just like her husband.

Although her aging body prevented it, it was like she had just been blessed with a beautiful newborn when she found Ellyn. The joy of having something to take care of was electrifying. Almost like a drug of some sort.

She knew how naive it was to just immediately trust a random human being off the side of the road, but Ellyn's fearful eyes remained implanted deeply in her conscious. Like she said before, God probably would have struck her down if she left her out slashing around like a feeble fish.

"Well I'm here, no matter how much you wish I wasn't. I'm not going anywhere. Till the end of us..." Faven began.

"...and probably even after that." Shirley chuckled as finished the saying they used frequently when they were children. Faven pulled her sister into a hug. They sat in their embrace, taking in the love they had for each other, promising their selves mentally to never let it go.


Just thought I would clear something up. The reason Shirley is called Mae is because he full government name is Shirley Mae Brenton . :)



  1. I can understand Shirley a bit more now! She really wants to help Ellyn.

    I love the relationship between the two sisters!

    It looks like Ellyn overheard their conversation, and it upset her.

  2. Yes, I am also thinking Ellyn overheard them.

  3. Aw, I love Fae's and Mae's relationship. They make me wish I was close to my older sister.

    I can just hug Mae, feeling all broody and unneeded. I think I understand how she feels, her whole house will be empty soon, for someone who's dedicated her whole life to caring for people, it must suddenly look scary to have to face an empty house.

    Fae's right to be concerned though, she seems to be a good judge of character, and her instincts are telling her to look deeply in Elyn. I hope she listens and they figure out a way to help her before Vaughn comes bustling in.

    And that look on Ellyn's face suggests she overhead everything. I hope she doesn't leave thinking she doesn't want to burden them.

    Beautiful sets and pictures and wonderful writing to boot too!

    I'm following your blog now, so I shouldn't be too behind on updates in future.

    Happy Birthday once more!

  4. Aww! I love Fae and Mae's relationship! So strong and built to last! They seem wonderful together. This chapter explained a lot of why Shirley was so welcoming when she met ElMac I'm happy for that and ElMac is lucky that it wasn't some psycho that found her (until we find out what the biting means anyway). I'm glad Shirley feels a sense of purpose now though. It's great for her to be able to distract herself and ElMac really needs it!


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