This isn't just any fairy tale.

Ellyn Granger has somehow able to escape her past as Mackenzie Doberman. When she meets a family that is willing to give her the love and support she hasn't seen in over 15 years, she can't help but love them back, some more than others. Unfortunately, she can't hide that fact that her present and her past are on a collision course, and its only a matter of time before the train, that was once gaining an overwhelming amount of momentum, derails.

This is apart of Qui's Fairytale challenge, and the Adult remake of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. In addition to the Fairytale Challenge, this story is also a simfic50. (Pretty crazy huh?) This is my VERY first time writing in third person so if you see me slip up, my apologies!
Feedback and Comments are appreciated!

Twenty-Six - Broken(.003)
Twenty-Seven - Ghost(.049)
Twenty-Eight - Chaos(.048)
Twenty-Nine - Sunrise(.031)

001.Beginnings. 002.Ends. 003.Broken. 004.Lost. 005.Door.
006.Choice. 007.Enemies. 008.Friends. 009.Light. 010.Dark.
011.Betrayal. 012.Forgiveness. 013.Passion. 014.Lovers. 015.Hatred.
016.Death. 017.Conspire. 018.Colourless. 019.Past. 020.Regret.
021.Greed. 022.Love. 023.Sin. 024.Secret. 025.Strangers.
026.Fragile. 027.Solitude. 028.Garden. 029.Legacy. 030.Angel.
031.Sunrise. 032.Sunset. 033.Honour. 034.Imperfection. 035.Sixth Sense.
036.Smell. 037.Sound. 038.Touch. 039.Taste. 040.Sight.
041.Sanctuary. 042.Deception. 043.Memory. 044.Slave. 045.Enigma.
046.Dawn. 047.Paranormal. 048.Chaos. 049.Ghost. 050.Paranoia.