Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sixteen – Smell (.036)

Viviane was worried. Isaiah had not been home for an entire week, and she just couldn’t seem to figure out the motive behind the many text messages he sent her letting her know he was still alive. Sure he blamed it on his mother's sick excuse of an animal, but Viviane was no stupid horse. She knew something wasn't right.

Thankfully, he had finally called that night to let her know he would finally be coming home later in the evening. Immediately, she showered, put on her best lingerie, and prepared a meal to make sure he would never be apart from her again.

Her arm grew tired as she stirred the enormous pan of spaghetti, his favorite. Adding a little bit of basil and a dash of salt, she removed the spoon from the pan of red liquid and white noodles. Viviane placed the wooden spoon into her mouth, after blowing the steam away, tasting every single ounce of herbs and spice that she had added to the sauce earlier in the evening. It was like a garden of seasoning had exploded onto her taste buds. She was slightly disappointed when the sampling was over.

She glanced over at the clock on the microwave. It read a half past seven. Any second now. She grew anxious, and went to light some candles and place them where their romantic dinner would take place. For the fifth time, she ran over to the mirror in the hallway, touched up on her every expensive lip gloss and pushed her breast up so they could retain their perky state.

The woman trotted back over to the stove as the timer for the garlic bread went off and she quickly retrieved it from the stove without burning herself. In unison with the closing of the stove, the front door locks began to clink. Vivian felt her heart kick start, but she didn't turn around. She finished tending to her meal, and finally, turned to face the man of the hour.

"Well, hello there my snicker doodles." She strolled over to where he stood and planted a kiss on his unusually pale lips. He didn't kiss back.

She stood back and smiled and then went back to stirring. "I made your favorite, you know? I thought I cook since you've been away for so long." Silence came from behind, and Viviane slowly became annoyed. Are you just going to stand there and look like a buffoon?

"Viviane..." He began. Finally! "I can't...I don't want this anymore." Viviane felt her face fall. She stopped stirring and walked over to the statue in the middle of the floor. She wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at his blank expression. Although she was very disappointed, she still couldn't complain. Her man was finally home.

"Well that’s ok. I can pack it up and you can take it to work tomorrow—"

 "No, Viviane. Not the food.....Us. I can't do this anymore."

Again, Viviane's face fell, but at the same time she felt her heart being torn to pieces. "What are you talking about Isaiah? I mean we spend a few days apart and then suddenly you want to end this? What the hell is going on?" She paused as she let her thoughts consume her raging mind. "Is there someone else?" Mackenzie.

"No, Viviane. Do you really think I would do that to you? Just stop. Let me finish." She still wasn't convinced that her backstabbing former best friend had some part in this. "I'm just...You're not the same girl I fell in love with. As a matter of fact, I don't know who you are anymore. I can't live with a stranger anymore. I'm sorry but....this, you and me, are over."

 Viviane shook her head; the speed picked up over time. She was trying to shake the tears away.
She fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around is legs."No, please. Don't do this to us. I can't...not again. How am I supposed to survive without you?"

"The same way you were living before me. Goodbye Viv." It hurt even worst when he called out the nickname he would so loosely use when they lounged around on the couch or when it was just a normal day. Now all of those memories meant nothing to him. Just like that he was willing to throw away a whole year of laughter and love. "I'll be at my mother's house until you get all your stuff out, and please, don't try and take your time."

A breeze rushed across her face. When she could finally see through the blur of the tears raining from her eyes, she noticed he was no longer standing in front of her. How long had I been there crying to myself?

She tried to get up to pursue after the man she loved, but her weak legs gave out from under her. The woman collapsed to the carpet below, but she didn't even try to get up. There was no point in her eyes.

He could have everything in the house, because items could be replaced; they weren't important. There was no way to replace a shattered heart helplessly bleeding out all of their memories.

It was happening again...



  1. I'd feel bad for her if she weren't a total bitch. This is called KARMA Viviane, look it up whore. Perhaps if you weren't such a backbiting bitch to your former best friend things wouldn't be so glum and OH let me NOT forget how you've LIED to the "man you love" to the point where he has no idea who you are!

    I wonder what this means for Izzy and ElMac! NO! TEAMGABE! TEAMGABE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

    WOOT! Loved it! Viviane's pain = YES! :D

  2. Part of me feels bad because I know as a woman, having your heart broken twice is not easy to deal with. Once is hard enough! I feel like she brought this on herself though. Why did she have to go to Mack and say what she said? why not leave well enough alone?

    As happy as I am about this broke up, I'm torn. I love Gabe but if he's going to die, I don't Mack to get her heart involved.

  3. How can I cry for cruel Vivian! I did!

    I can't blame him for breaking up with her though. The way she treated Ellyn probably opened his eyes to what she is really like!
    Even if he doesn't end up with Ellyn I'm glad that he kicked Vivian to the curb. He is too nice of a guy to be with someone like Vivian!

    I just hope that this doesn't cause Vivian to do something else to hurt Ellyn.

  4. Wow...that didn't go as I expected. I thought he would confront her, call her out on the things he overheard. I didn't think he would just end it without any explanation to her at all.

    I kinda feel for her. I know it won't last long because once she pulls herself together she's going after Ellyn full force. She will blame her and there will be no stopping her vengeance.

    I hate to think it, but she may even go and let Vaughn know where she is.

  5. Ummm...why?? Why did Isaiah have to break up with her? Couldn't he wait a litle longer so he doesn't make it so obvious? Vivian is going to go postal on Ellyn's ass. This is the second time she took her man, and she is pissed!

    I understand that Ellyn is a victim and she went through a lot, but this girl needs some common sense. If you don't want trouble, don't create one. And stay away from your friend's man unless you want your ass beat.

  6. ~ I do know for sure one thing Vivian will not stand for this or let go,she will blame everyone but herself for this,it was unfortunate that Isaiah,witnessed her from his vantage point behind the door,& saw a women that he did not know,but Vivian not knowing that fact will blame Ellyn,& my worst fear that she will go to Vaughn,& tell him he is to be a father,if told that he will look for her!
    ~ Poor Isaiah his heart is shattered too!
    ~ I love both the twins,but can they protect the one that needs to be protected,from the devil himself!
    ~ Loved it more when you can!(",)


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