Monday, August 1, 2011

Five - Hatred (.015)

"What are you doing here your worthless, insignificant bitch?!" The raven's words cut through Ellyn's skin each time she spat them out. Her heart was thudding in her ears, making it hard to comprehend what she was saying to her.

"Wh-what? I don't even know who you are!"

"Lies!" She spat. "How could you forget the woman whose man you stole? He was mine! And you took him from me. A cold hearted tramp you are, Mackenzie." She released her stance and stepped back into the moon light. Viviane's eyes were icy with anger. The hazel color had frozen completely. She took her eyes off of Ellyn and looked off into space. Seconds passed and she said nothing. Ellyn stood there trying to piece together everything the raven spat at her. Obviously, Viviane knew her on a much deeper level. What scared her most was that she knew her real name. Only a few select people were aware of her true identity. She went down the list in her mind. The blonde's eyes widened when she realized one of the names were missing.

"Nikola? W-what...where did you go? You don't even look the same! I haven't seen you since—"

"Vaughn kicked me out like a pile of worthless shit, and that's not who I am anymore. Nikola was your friend, but that was until your stabbed me in the back. We were in love! I was pregnant with his child!" Her eyes were fuming.

Ellyn was appalled. "Pregnant?"

"Yes," she looked off into space again, "but I had a miscarriage. Doc's said it was so much stress that the baby couldn't take it." Again, there was a long pause. "We were going to be one big happy family, you know? The whole nine yards. White picket fence, two dogs and our kid was gonna be a boy named Kylar. It was going to be perfect, but you came and fucked all of that up!"

"I never asked for that Nik! I never wanted you to leave." Ellyn was nearly in tears. Nikola was one of Ellyn's friends back in the day, and to see her with so much hatred toward her, it was too much to handle.

"That’s all pity bullshit Mackenzie and you know it. You wanted this bitch, all of it. It obviously wasn't too much of a problem, seeing as though you're just now trying to get away. You were always a horrible liar with a pretty face Mackenzie. I don't know how you made it all these years without getting caught. Your parents taught you well."

"Don't go there Nikola."

"Like I said, I am no longer Nikola. My name is Viviane, and yes, it is legal, unlike you." Ellyn remained silent. That had pierced a nerve once again. It was obvious Viviane's intentions were to cut Ellyn as deep as possible, and it was working. Although she understood why she wanted to hurt her, it still surprised the hell out of Ellyn. Once again, Vaughn had managed to take her life and throw it in a pile of mud; unfortunately, their friendship was paper clipped to it.

Viviane stared off in the direction of the barn. Neither of them spoke a word. "I'm actually happy now. Since I met Isaiah, things have been, well, easier. I went to school, got a degree, getting my money the normal way. He understands my past. So easy to talk to. Our love is real." By now, it was like she was talking to herself. She had been sucked up into her own crazy wonderland. "I'm willing to bet that they don't know anything about you."

"It's none of their business." Ellyn whispered. Her face turned to the side as she tried to cover up the tear that managed to escape.

"Don't you think they should know who is living in their house?"

"It's not that big of a deal. I won't be here for long. I just need to get back on my feet."

"I see." Viviane chuckled. "You never had any feet, you dumb blonde. I could really care less, if you got back on your feet, stumbled off the side of a cliff, or whatever, but while you are here, let's get some things clear." The raven stepped closer to Ellyn, her focal point never leaving the blonde's face. "Isaiah is mine. You will not speak to him unless spoke to, is that clear? And as far as I'm concerned, this conversation never happened." Ellyn nodded. "You know, with what amiability is left in my heart, I'll even make a deal with you. Leave Isaiah alone, and I won't ruin life. How does that sound?"

Once again, Ellyn nodded. The raven didn't say anything else. She turned around and strolled to her car, leaving Ellyn standing there in mere and complete shock. What the hell just happened?



  1. I knew that one was trouble! She was in that terrible place with her and she treats ehr like this? Looks like Vaughn really broke them in spirit, but for Viv, mind as well!

  2. I agree with Jilly! Vivian's mind is really twisted, but it sounds like she hates the wrong person. Ellyn seems to have been just as used as she was.

    I get the impression that Isaiah is not as serious about Raven as she is about him or he would not pay as much attention to Ellyn as he has been.

    Great update!

  3. @Jill and Daisies...
    hahaha I guess I'll jump on the "I hate Viv" ban wagon too!

  4. Somehow I don't think Viv will keep her mouth shut about Elyn's true identity. She seems to hold a lot of bitterness and rage, and that kind of rage doesn't just get glossed over by mere promises. Poor Elyn, can her night get any worse?

  5. WOW! OMG So friends from the past! WOW And what were they? Prostitutes? Strippers? WTH. It's sweet that she found Isaiah and he accepted her fully knowing where she came from and what she's done but the way he looks at El only means one thing and unfortunately that won't have a great outcome for anyone since that was Viv's threat! I highly doubt also that she won't be inclined to tell everyone! That sounds right up her alley.


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