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Six - Sin (.023)

Warning: This chapter contains many sexual concepts and language.   
Mature audiences only.


That same night......

Why? Why did she have to do this? That bitch. So caught up in her dreams and wishes that she forgot that I owned her. I had given up my life for her. Shelter. Clothing on her perfect pale skinned back. Food. Pleasure.... He was getting aroused just thinking of the many nights he had forced himself up on her. So tight and... The man shut his eyes freeing the blonde from his mind. She didn't have to leave. Mackenzie Doberman was mine.

He was going to kill her when he finally found her. He was sure of it. How could she betray him so easily? The steering wheel nearly turned into nothing underneath his death grip. Not only had his rage quadrupled, it had multiplied by a number with an incalculable amount of zeros. Anger was seeping though his palms in the form of a liquid, and slowly trickling down the side of his forehead. The speedometer was on the verge of crashing. The red dial had catapulted pass the triple digit numbers. The tires screamed as the man turned the corner into his town. Being that it was three in the morning; the streets were nothing less than a ghost town. The occasional car would drive past, but nothing too vast. He sped down Frenton, ignoring any red light idling above him.

Vaughn had been angry when it came to dealing with Mackenzie. It was almost normal for him to go about the day slapping her around just to keep her in check. She was always such a dim-witted girl, but it was something about her he couldn't let go. Yes, her body was beautiful, perfect in some instance, but it was just something. Something that had him hooked the moment he gazed into her eyes and she gazed back at him. That had been nearly fifteen years ago, but that something never seemed to dispel.

Vaughn's car came to a halt in his designated parking spot near the payphone. Turning the key, he shut the engine down. He sat in the driver's seat briefly, noticing that a few rain drops were escaping from the clouds and landing on his windshield. The windows of his car were tinted, disallowing any eyes to invade his privacy. Closely, the man studied the entrance of his business.

A woman, who looked to be one of his employees, stood outside inhaling a cigarette. He watched carefully as she flicked the ashes on the concrete and placed the bud back between her lips and inhaled another whiff of smoke.

A rookie. The thought lingered in his mind. Vaughn thought back trying to remember anything specific about the girl. Nothing. He examined her long, unremitting legs strapped in a pair of five inch platform heels. He left her lower body, admiring her small, but evident, curves along the way. Finally, he reached her face and his heart shot into his hand. Her face was consumed by long stands of curly golden locks. Her face was descent, but the blonde hair seemed to awaken a demon within him that had been caged for the last forty-eight hours. Many things on his body became erect. He shut his eyes momentarily, taking careful and controlled breaths.

Slowly, the man unlatched his eyelids. She was gone.

Rapidly, he pushed open the door, scanning the area. No sign of her existence. It was a calm night at Carpe Diem. The 'usuals' were present in their normal positions, and also a few new faces.Even though there audience was less than five, the girls remained hard at work. Haggler, the lonely banker who caught his wife screwing his own business partner and best friend of twelve years, turned over his shoulder and gazed at the frantic man. Vaughn shot him a look of reassurance, and he turned his attention back to the show that was taking place in front of him.

Carefully, He walked toward the back of the club where the dressing rooms were located. Cheap cologne and the smell of lipstick seemed to smack Vaughn in the face as his hand pushed open the door that led to the dressing room hall. Music from the lounge slowly crept into the hallway, but it was still no match for the brick walls. The closer he walked, he noticed that the actual door leading into the dressing room was gaping open.

When his body stepped in front of the door frame he hesitated.

She sat in the metal chair holding both her and another cigarette, that had not been lit yet. Her soft features had formed into a depressing frown as she stared at the floor. He looked down to see what she was staring at, but nothing was visible to his eyes. The blonde looked up suddenly, tossing her cigarette in the ash tray in front of her with one hand and whipping her rosy cheeks with another.

"Vaughn...uh...I mean Mr. Hendrix! I'm sorry, did I over stay my break?" She didn't even give him time to speak. "I'll get back I'm sorry." She began to smear her thin lips with strawberry pink lip gloss.

"Oh no," he began, "you're fine. Actually, I was just coming to speak with you about some...things. Lets head to my office shall we?" She nodded in agreement and placed the lip gloss back on the vanity counter.

He motioned for her to walk ahead and she obeyed. As they walked, he studied the back of her head. The man analyzing each strand of hair boring from her scalp. Again, he began to breathe heavily to calm himself down. They reached his office, and as they passed the threshold he breathed into her ear.

"Now, how much do you like your job Camille?"


Fresh warm tears stained her cheeks as she rushed out Vaughn's office. At times she found it hard to walk, making her exit much more amusing to Vaughn. He buckled his pants and calmly sat down in his desk chair. Leaning back, he closed his eyes. Although he had gotten his fix for the evening, finding Mackenzie's replacement was a failure. Camille was a worn out plastic sex toy compared to Mackenzie. Too loose and sloppy.
He missed Ellyn so much. It was nerve racking, almost painful, to realize that she wasn't with ten feet of him anymore.

As he sat there, images of Mackenzie fell into his world. Blonde. Jovial. Perfect. With a sigh, His eyes opened and he rose from his chair. There was no more if in this matter. He had to find her. He was going to find her. She was going to be his. Whether she liked it or not.

Want to see more of Carpe Diem? Check out some picspam here

And a special thanks to my model Mariela Montgomery for making a guest appearance as Carpe Diem's bartender! :)


  1. Vaughn may be evil, but he's gorgeous.

    His thoughts about Ellyn, show that Raven's accusations against her were totally unjust. It sounds like Vaughn forced Ellyn to be with him, and if he finds her, it will be even worse.

    I loved your pictures!

  2. @daisies...
    I knew it was going to be at least one person that said that about Vaughn! lol

    Yep! Fifteen years of cruel punishment. Luckily she made it out of there with her sanity, unlike that Viv! lol


  3. I really like her outfit and Carpe Diem is very realistic.

  4. @seaweedy...
    Thanks :)
    Took me a WHOLE day to get it just right. :P

  5. Poor Ellyn - she has a good reason to be afraid, with this (gorgeous) monster on her trail! I have a bad, bad feeling that some evil, crazy, jealous raven is going to tip him off to where his "Makenzie" is hiding.

    Camille had a horrible night, but doesn't realize how lucky she is that Vaughn doesn't consider her a suitable replacement!

  6. @Jilly...

    Yeah I felt pretty sorry of Camille when I was writing this. I was going to more in depth about what happened during the time jump, but I just felt that elephant alone..

  7. Vaughn is a hottie, but such a meanie too. I'm so glad Elyn got out that of that relationship, but I worry for her, when he finds her it won't be pretty. And I won't be surprised if Viv suddenly has an urge to reach out to him, if I was Elyn, I'd stick to my end of the deal and leave Isiah alone, I wouldn't want to cross Viv, especially now that I've seen how nasty Vaughn is.

  8. Stripper! I KNEW it! Sounds like Ellyn/Mackenzie had a difficult 15 years with Vaughn.
    Poor Camille :( She doesn't know it, but it's good that V isn't that into her. She couldhave become his next obsession.
    Seeing how he treats his "girls" I can see why Viv is so messed up in the head! How she thinks Ellyn is her enemy and not the monster that kicked her out, shows what psychological damage he ddid to her.

  9. Vaughn...dangerously delicious!

    I see why she ran but 15 years? It took her that long to escape her abuser? I would have chopped him in half it he'd touched me! He seems very scary but of course that only means hot in my book! Man...I'm mental. I feel bad for any "replacement's" that he finds himself with though. I really am afraid of what would happen if he ever found El/Mac again!


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