Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fifteen - Secret (.024)

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the mommy to be." The raven flashed her perfectly straight white teeth and forced her way into the room. The helpless girl watched as the raven strolled into the room, looking even more flawless than usual. Just being in the presence of such dark beauty made Ellyn very anxious.

She watched as the woman in the red sweater and raven back hair precariously roamed the room as if she had never seen it before. Ellyn nearly shut the door behind her, but she quickly caught herself when, from her peripheral, she caught a glimpse of Isaiah, who was having a panic attach behind the door.

"What do you want?" Ellyn kept her voice vacant in a weak attempt to get her to leave as soon as possible.

"Well I came to give my congratulations of course!" she chuckled.

"You finally got what you have always wanted. Now that you got the baby, what's next the wedding ring? Honeymoon? Ha! Vaughn would be a fool to marry a girl like you." Like always, Viviane was here to kill and damage, and she wasn't leaving until Ellyn felt her wrath. Viviane herself did not feel complete unless she knew Ellyn was somehow, some way suffering.

"What part of 'I never wanted this' do you not understand Nikola? Why won't you believe me when I say that I never wanted you to go? I never wanted Vaughn! Ever! Do you think I wanted to get raped every night and be mentally and emotionally damaged every single day for fifteen years? Why can't you just accept that?"

Suddenly, Isaiah being just a few inches away from her didn't matter. It would be the death of her trying to convince Viviane that she was her friend. She may have had low self-esteem and confidence, but she hated the fact that someone in this world hated her.

"I can't accept lies, because what you're telling me is all full of shit. I know you Mackenzie, well at least I thought I did." she paused. "I always knew you were a sneaky little bastard, well you're sneakiness has defiantly caught up with you now." She stopped in the mist of her thought and looked at the frightened blonde closely.

"What did you tell them? Hmm? That you were whoring around on the streets and just weren't 'careful enough'?" Viviane inserted her own set of air quotes. "It's only a matter of time before Vaughn finds you, you know. I think you should just save yourself, and this family, the heartache by just leaving now. I'm pretty sure you and your baby daddy will be one big happy family."

Viviane strolled from the center of the room and approached Ellyn. Swiftly, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it ablaze. Hovering over her, she blew the white, hazardous smoke into the girls face as she spoke. "Do yourself, and this family, a favor and just get the hell out of here." She smiled and turned to walk out of the room.

"What happened to Nikola? What happened to the girl that was loving, happy and never saw the glass as half empty? The girl who gave me faith and hope that there was a world better than what we were living in? Where did she go?"

Viviane stopped in the middle of the door frame, but she didn't bother to turn around. "She died the same night my unborn child did." Saying nothing more, she continued to walk out of the room and back down stairs.

Overcome by another face-off with her former best friend, Ellyn went to sit on the bed and ran her fingers through the tangled up mess on the top of her head. This was killing her. Slowly, the door started to move.

Ellyn's heart dropped into her feet. He heard everything, she thought. Fuck.

She looked up at his destroyed expression. Immediately, it made her wonder how much he really knew about Viviane. Ellyn didn't bother talking first. Instead she waited for the harsh retaliation she expected, but it didn't come out like she assumed it would.

"So this whole time........she knew who you were? She knew what happened and everything? This whole fucking time..." Ellyn knew the last statement wasn't meant to be a question.

"Isaiah please," Ellyn quickly rose from the bed to plead with the man before her. "please don't let her know that your know. Please, just don't say anything, to anyone. Just let it go." Isaiah stood there looking at Ellyn with about a million emotions covering his face all at once. The depth of his breathing had risen and made the intensity of the current situation a lot more nerve racking.

"This Vaughn guy, you said he....rapped you? Did he...with Viviane?" He didn't bother to finish the sentence and just allowed Ellyn to carry on.

"I've known Viviane since I was thirteen. I met her through Vaughn. She worked at the club Vaughn owned and....yes. He did. She was my friend..." the last word the passed through her mouth hurt the most because she knew that could no longer be a possibility. Ellyn didn't know what else to say. Suddenly, she had become speechless in the middle of her explanation. Ellyn took the chance to gage Isaiah's reaction, but all she could see was confusion.

"Why did you keep calling her Nikola?" Ellyn was still in her state of speechlessness.

"Isaiah...please. Can you just forget this happened? I kept your secret. Can't you just keep mine?"

Isaiah began to shake his head as if he were in denial. "No...I mean...I gotta....I gotta go." The man swiftly rushed out of the room.

Ellyn fell onto the bed and stared at the ceiling above her. Just like she assumed, she was becoming a bigger
burden to the lives of the people she had known only for a month.

Maybe I should just pack up everything and just get the hell out of here....



  1. Wow, that was intense. Viviane just has to find a way to stick it Ellyn. Ellyn sounds like she was just as much a victim as Viviane with whatever hell Vaughn put them through yet she refuses to see it.

    I really can't wait to find out what went on with her time with Vaughn and why the big fall out between Ellyn and Viviane.

    Isaiah didn't react how she though he would and I was happy about that. He was genuinely concerned about what happened to not only her but Viviane as well. He did seem to be shocked by her other name, but I thought in the earlier chapters she told Ellyn that they new about her past. Am I remembering that wrong? Either way poor Isaiah seemed a little hurt and very confused.

    What happens now????????

  2. Vivian wants to torture Ellyn, but she may have just ruined things between herself and Isaiah. I wonder if somehow Vivian believes that Ellyn is responsible for the loss of her own baby!

    I think too that Isaiah was also shocked by Vivian's cruelty in the things that she said to Ellyn. I don't think that he'll tell the rest of his family, but I do think that he's going to talk with Vivian about what he overheard.

    Ellyn seems to be considering leaving. That's what Vivian is trying to force her to do. It's sad that she blames Ellyn instead of Vaughn for what he did to them both!

    I know I'm greedy, but more when you can please!

  3. I understand that Viven is hurt but she is a bitch and I'm tired of her! What part of "raped" does she not understand? She's speaking like a scorned woman! Like Mack had a choice! Man I wanted to just bang her head into a wall! She gets off on breaking Mack down and not only did Isaiah witness it, he now knows he didn't know the whole truth. Serves her right.

    I don't want her to leave because of Gabe and the rest of the family but she doesn't need that stress and constant battering if she's going to keep the baby.

  4. Ugh, Viviane. I understand losing your baby is hard, but man! What part of raped doesn't she understand? I guess Vaughn loves Ellyn is his one twisted, possessive way, but I wouldn't be jealous of that...
    At least Isaiah knows it all now.

    I am so loving this update and your story in
    general! Can't wait to see what happens next!
    (can't get openID to work, I'm such a blogspot noob XD)

  5. Jaz,

    Viviane wasn't completely honest with Isaiah. When they first me she explained how she was 'someone else' but he never thought she meant a completely different name, so he doesn't know who Nikloa is AT ALL. So she defiantly gonna have some explaining to do..

    Thanks for reading :)

  6. Qui, Daises,and Keoni,

    Basically Vivinae is in denial and doesn't want to believe that her first love could betray her so badly, so she blames Ellyn for coming in and ruining a happy home.

    The guilt is riding on Ellyn's shoulders and she thinks that its only a matter of time before the family gets fed up with her problems ans kicks her out. So she's thinking she might beat them to the punch..

    I love you guys, and thanks for reading :) It means the world!

  7. Oh my gosh :) I want Isaiah to care about Ellyn more!! Them spending the night together was soo cute! I hope they end up together. Isaiah All The Way! Thanks for updating so soon, it was great<3
    So Viviane was raped too... hmmm... poor viviane. That could mess anyone up :(

  8. ~ I get it now,Viviane,was there before her in Vaughns graces,& she believes that Ell took her place,that in itself is very SICK!
    ~ But was the baby she lost Vaughns or a customers?????
    ~ Very well done,the twisted tale is slowly coming out!
    ~Loved it! More when you have the time!(",)

  9. Wow...


    First I'm glad that Izzy knows! I'm thrilled! Maybe he'll kick that evil bitch to the curb! I can't believe she could be so cold and heartless to say "you enjoyed it" knowing her "best friend" was being raped! What the hell? What kind of human being are you?

    Man...just give me 5 minutes alone with her and I'll make her change.

    Ok so I thought Viv said she'd told Izzy everything and he accepted her for who she was? Uh oh looks like SOMEBODY lied, BIG surprise. I'm sure she said that to ElMac to keep her from spilling the beans on her making her believe "You have nothing on me because they already know so HA!" Yeah well...they do now :P

    I wonder what Izzy will do with this information. Will he keep it a secret? Or will he confront Viv? If he does confront her I know that she'll think ElMac told...we'll have to see!

    AWESOME job on this story! Man. It's like watching a movie I swear! I love it!

  10. Hey! I just made some random URL... Hah:) I was looking for good stories, and I was excited to find yours! Its wonderful! The writing is great, and theres tons of descriptive pictures, and they really help me picture it :)
    Anyways, I was wondering if you downloaded custom content off the internet, or made it yourself. And if it is from the internet, how do you go about downloading hair, clothes, and furniture. I've been a simmer for a long time, but the internet always seemed so confusing. I can't wait to hear back! Thanks so much!

  11. @Stella

    Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :)

    And basically I just roamed around on the internet gathering things particular for my story and also random clutter stuff. I usually go through Google as a search engine and just type in what I want to look for, i.e Sims 2 (male/female)hair or Sims 2 clutter. I find it easier that way, but some pretty good sites are Mod the Sims( they have pretty much EVERYTHING), Around the Sims (They have some good clutter and furniture there), All-about-style.come has some really nice clothes and even has specific themes such as Vintage, 80's, and even Victorian. Liana Sims 2 also is a big clothing supplier for me. lol But that's a few places off the top of my head, like I said, going through any search engine (Yahoo, Ask.com, etc.) should do the trick! I hope this helps! and thanks again for reading!


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