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Fourteen - Imperfection (.034)

"If you need anything, I'll be down stairs in Shirley's room." 

Shirley quickly confirmed this by giving a swift nod. "Any pain, hunger, or just to talk. We're here. Remember that." 

Ellyn just nodded and smiled. She kept her head down in the direction of the bed that had been hers for the past month. The sisters smiled and turned to exit the room.
Before Faven left, a question that had been riding on her shoulders since their talk the night before popped into her head.

She leaned over to Shirley and whispered in her ear. "Go on. I'll meet you down stairs." hesitantly, Shirley complied and hopped down the stairs. 
Faven stood in the door frame of the room and turned back to face the girl who still had not moved. 

"Hey, last night you said that you didn't want to be called Ellyn—"

"Yeah," Ellyn hurriedly cut her off. "Sorry about that. I was just...overwhelmed. I think it would be best to act like nothing ever happened. You know, so the others won't suspect anything." 

"Ok. Are you gonna be ok?"

Ellyn shook her head rather than replying to the question. Without saying anything else, Faven removed herself from the room. 

Ellyn continued to look down at the old, quaint comforter. Her mind wouldn't allow her to move from that spot because it was too busy racing a mile a minute. She was still distraught and sure enough, still pregnant. 

There was no way she could have killed something so precious and so, alive. Ellyn knew that if she had, she would have never recovered from something so traumatizing as that. Finally, she sat down on the bed and pulled the bag of baby accessories Gabriel had given her. A smile fell onto her face when a rattle poked out of the bag as she sat it on the floor. 

It wasn't a doubt in her mind that the Brenton's were good for her. Any person willing to give up their time and resources to help a complete mysterious stranger is someone Ellyn knew she should stick around, but it occurred to her that this family had an immense amount of baggage.
Every single member in some shape or form was devastated by the departure of this Micah person and Ellyn knew that her stress would add more weight on the camel's back. 

I should just leave, she thought. They won't even know I'm gone. Just a quick trip down the stairs and out the front door, and I would no longer be a burden to them. But where would I go? Pregnant with no money isn't the best status to have when roaming the streets at night. I have to think of a plan. They don't deserve my stress...

"Hey." Of course. She looked away from floor to locate the voice that was speaking to her. Isaiah stood, leaning against the burgundy door frame. As always, his mid length shirt clasped tightly to each muscle on his arms and chest. In an unusual sight, his long hair cascaded down onto his shoulders, adding more definition to his face. 

"Hey." Ellyn mumbled back. Her body, nor her head, turned to acknowledge the man standing a few yards away from her, because she was still drowsy with her recent thoughts.  

"You're still awake." His voice made the question come off more so as a statement, but Ellyn paid him no mind. Isaiah sunk further into the room and eventually sat down next to her on the bed. She meaninglessly nodded her head, but she kept her focus on the blue carpet underneath her feet. 

"How are you feeling?" He said plopping down onto the bed.

"I'm alive."

"Well, I'm glad we've got that established." he smiled. He continued to sit there hovering so close to her that she could fell his breath brushing across her warm, reddening cheek. From the corner of her eye she could see him tilting his head to the side trying to analyze and figure out the girl that sat beside him. Fighting the instinct to turn and look him directly in his face, Ellyn continued to stare down at the floor beneath her.

"There's something in your eyes. Something that's telling me that you aren't fine." The sound of his voice caused her to lose restraint and she quickly turned her head in his direction. 


"Is everything alright Ellyn?"

"Why do you even care?" Her voice came off a little harsher than she liked. 

"Because," Isaiah sat more upright to try and get his point across, "when I needed someone to care, you did." Ellyn ceased the annoying thoughts going through her mind at the time and look at him. She didn't say anything. She just stared at the man before her in awe remembering the night she had comforted the crying, damaged man.

The love and support throughout her situation has been extremely high, and slightly overwhelming. It saddened her that she couldn't remember a time he had been loved this much since her parents died. Instead of replying, Ellyn just smiled. Understanding, Isaiah smiled back. Ellyn resumed her normal focal point on the safe, non judging floor, in a quick attempt to mask the tears coming out of her eyes. 

"Are you tired?"

She nodded, sniffing back her tears, but his question only made her feel worst. "I'm scared to sleep."

His brows creased. "Why?"

Ellyn softly shook her head from right to left. Her focus never came off the floor. "The nightmares."

Isaiah moved closer. "Want to talk about it?"

Talking about the breathless chases and flashing images would only make her hurt worst. She wanted all but to remember such frightening moments of vulnerability, and thinking about them made her feel unhinged. She quickly shook her head to decline his offer. 

She lay back on the bed, keeping the silence and uncertainty between them at a colossal amount. Suddenly, she felt the bed move underneath her, but she didn't bother to turn her head. She figured he was moving to get up and remove himself from this awkward tension, but he did the complete opposite. When the bed stopped rocking, Isaiah was on the other side lying down with his hand behind his head. After bit more movement, the light on the end table shut off.

The moon grew higher to keep up with the time that ticked on. Neither of them moved from their positions on the bed, surprising Ellyn the most. 

Why is he still here? The girl grew antsy as she realized how late it was. It would only be a matter of time before Viviane grew worried about her missing love and seek to find him.  Although the thought of her former best friend coming in and finding the two of them in the same room, and same bed, scared the shit out of her, she couldn't stand the mere thought of being alone at a time like this. The longer Isaiah stayed, the more comfortable she became. She felt almost safe.

Unfortunately, the candidate just so happened to be the person with the most red tape.
Ellyn turned her head slightly and looked at the man who was calmly lying on the opposite side of the small bed. His eyelids consumed his eyes; they twitched slightly, as if the eyes beneath them were a restless child. The man's jaw was tight and his brows had shifted into a frowning position as if he were in a deep thought. His mouth remained steady and unmoving, sitting plump on his smooth satin face like the rest of his other flawless features.  

Suddenly, his eyes opened. They fell onto Ellyn's watching face, and in unison with his mouth, they smiled. Minutes drifted on before either of them said anything. 

"Do you want me to stay? I can stay. Only if you want me too." He said in a low thoughtful whisper. 

"Won't Nik—Viviane be worried?"

Isaiah let out a soft chuckle. "No she knows I'm spending the night here. One of the horses has been feeling sick so I'm spending the night with them, but I can stay, if you need a friend."

As much as her mind screamed for her to shake her head, her chin rose in a slight upward position and back down to where her eyes met his. He smiled and turned his head back towards the ceiling. She too repositioned her body to face the dresser which contained the clothes Faven had willingly donated to her.

"Thank you. This means....a lot." Ellyn quickly blushed and she was suddenly grateful that she turned away from him.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm the best. I really hope you don't snore." Ellyn smiled, before finally closing her eyes and sailing off into the most peaceful slumber she had ever had. 


She didn't want to comeback. The sleep she was under was so perfect and flawless that she didn't want to break away from the cloud she was so high on. Ellyn clasped the covers tightly, trying to ignore the rigorous banging noise echoing throughout the room. 

She pleaded for the noise to go away, but it refused to disappear. Finally, with much dread, she opened her eyes. Immediately, they were met with the light of a new day and Isaiah's chest, which she happened to be resting on. 

Somehow, some way, their bodies had managed to become entangled while they were sleeping. Between the constant banging, which Ellyn realized was coming from someone banging against the door purposely, and the compromising situation her and Isaiah were in, she was in a state of mass confusion. Suddenly, her brain snapped into panic mode.

What if it's Nikola coming to look for Isaiah? Or Gabe coming to look for me? What would he think of me laid up in bed with his twin brother? Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Wake up!" she harshly whispered at the man beside her who was still unaware of the knocking at the door. She shook him violently, but there still was no response.

"Be there in a sec!" she called out to the person behind the door but the knocks continued. 

She climbed on top of him and began to shake his shoulders repeatedly. "Dammit Isaiah wake up!" It took about three slaps before he finally rose from his unconscious state. 

"Hmpth" was all he could push out before his brain finally joined the rest of his body. "What's going on?" he said rubbing his eyes. "Are you ok?"

"Shhhhh!" she pressed her hand against his moving mouth. "No, I am not ok! There's someone at the door. What would they think if they see you in here?"

"Well what the hell do you want me to do? Go out the window?"

"I don't know! Do something!" 

After a few pretty harsh bangs, they both jumped up from the bed and ran over to the door. They looked at each other as the knocking grew more and more fiercely. 

"Get behind the door!" Ellyn mouthed at Isaiah as her hand hovered over the door knob. He immediately followed her instructions and pressed his back against the wall. Ellyn held her breath as she turned the knob.

Please don't be Viviane. Please don't be Vivian. Please don't be Viviane.

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  1. OH SHIT IT'S VIVAN! I think it was so sweet of Isaiah to stay with her! That was a real friend move! I love Gabe with all my heart but there is something building between these two.

    What do you use to write? Word? Google Docs? I found that with Word, blogger won't copy in the font used and when you copy and paste from word, the default font you have set for blogger is overwritten. Try using Google Docs and be sure to set the line spacing to 1.0 to avoid the extra spaces.

  2. HOLY FUCK!!! What the fuck?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!!? Where's the rest of this shit??!? What the hell do you think you're doing stopping here?!? OMG!!! WHAT????

    GIRL! I'm dying here! What?!?

    I'm gonna hunt your ass down Bri! What the fuck? I mean for real? REALLY? WHY?!? You evil soul sucking DEVIL!

    Man...I have to control my breathing! I am seriously flipping the hell out! I just abused my mouse in the most awkward fashion possible as I scrolled for more MORE that I never found! to comment.

    I love that Izzy stayed like that. It was incredibly (God he's hot) sweet of him. I just don't want her with him. I'm all TeamGabe! Plus Izzy is taken by (THE BITCH AT THE FUCKING DOOR! BRI!!!!!!!!) and it would REALLY kill Gabe if she didn't return his affection and if Gabe dies, I'll be at your front door.

    This was so beautifully written! I love, love, LOVED it all! ElMac is all kinds of hurt right now and she's right there needs to be something said or done for the Brentons for all they've given her.

    Shooting daggers at your ass Bri you better believe that shit.

    My head hurts now. ALL your fault!

  3. Lol! DJ you just killed me! Calm down, calm down...all will be revealed in due time :) you'll get over it eventually! Aha No not the mouse! He didn't do anything!

    (I know right?!?! I love talking pictures of him!) yes teamgabe all the way! But it's just something this is pulling Ellyn (and me) to him. I think it's because of his mysterious past (or amazing body). Vivianne doesn't deserve Isaiah at all!

    Thank you! :) now that I don't have any pending homework and extra stress on my shoulders, I can finally write! IMAGERY IMAGERY IMAGERY! Ellyne being Ellyn, she's blaming herself once again for evrrrything, and pyscing herself out so hopefully she doesn't let that get the best of her!

  4. Isaiah was so kind to spend the night with her, so that she could feel safe. I still love Gabe though!

    Now if Vivian sees Isaiah in the room, I wonder how he will react to her attitude towards Ellyn.

    I loved the pictures and the update,Bri!

  5. I just started reading but its amazing :) Its so hard to find good sim writers! Any suggestions?

  6. Anon,

    Well a place with a bunch of AMAZING WRITERS and multiple AMAZING TS2 AND TS3 stories is the link below. Everybody is really friendly over there and you will fit right in :) Check it out!

  7. Qui,

    Yes everybody love them some Gabe! lol Ellyn can't help but like both of the twins because they both enliven a part of her that she didn't know existed. So in other words, she can't help herself!
    LOL I will try my best Qui And thank you! I had been dying to update my header with something bad ass and the image just kinda popped into my head!

    Thanks for reading

  8. OMG, what is she doing?? She needs to stay away from Isiah if she knows what's going for her. Unless she wants to get beat down by Vivian. But maybe Gabe is too nice for her, and she's not used to that. She's used to the drama.

    Poor girl, I really hope she can get out of this situation. Isiah needs to hide in the closet!


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