Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eighteen - Betrayal (.011)

Present Day...

"Is that the last bag?" Gabriel whispered in her ear, bringing her back from her joyous memory. Replying with a nod, Ellyn turned to face him and pulled him into an embrace.

"What was that for?" He signed once she finally let her go. She just shrugged and grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs.

They made it outside and loaded the last of her bags. The air was a hard frigid cold, but Ellyn loved it. Inhaling the crisp air, she walked towards the back of the car and watched as Gabriel tossed the final bag in the trunk with the rest of everything. From behind, the sound of tire brakes caused the two to turn around.

Isaiah climbed from his gray truck, shoved his hands into his pockets and walked over to where they stood. Once he was up close, Ellyn could see that the events that had taken place at the begging of the week were still affecting him, at least that's what it looked to be.

"Hey." Isaiah said dryly. He looked at his twin brother and nodded, and then he looked down at the trunk full of bags. "What's all this?"

"Oh I decided to go stay with Gabe for a while. I mean it's too crammed up there in the guess bedroom to raise a baby so, Gabe had an extra room and here we are!" Ellyn threw her hands in the air and smiled. She hoped that her enthusiasm would make Isaiah smile, but his cold demeanor didn't budge.

"Oh." was all he replied with. He took his eyes off of the truck and placed them on Ellyn. "Um, Gabe, you mind if I talk to Ellyn for a sec?" He removed his hands from his pockets to weakly sign to his brother.
With a nod, Gabriel removed himself from this overly tense situation and walked back inside of the house.

"What's up?" Ellyn said, getting to the point. Isaiah looked off for a second, but his attention came back quickly.

"I broke up with Viviane, Nikola, or whatever the hell you call her." Ellyn's stomach was suddenly being tied into very tight knots.

"What? I told you not to say anything! Do you realize what you've done—?"

"Calm down," He cut her off, "I didn't say anything about that Vaughn guy."

"Well, what did you say, because nine times out of ten, she thinks I'm the reason you two broke up in the first place."

His face formed into a frown. "Why would she think you had something to do with it? I mean you played a role, but she shot herself in the foot when she lied to me."

So she wasn't completely honest... "She really never told you about anything? Not even her real name? I thought she said..."

"Well it looks like she's just a really good liar." Ellyn exhaled in shock and looked down at the floor beneath her. She lied to me. She's got some nerve...

She looked up at Isaiah. He was a mess. His eyes were red and his hair was pulled into a poorly manicured ponytail. "Are you ok?" The damaged man was no longer looking at Ellyn. The circle he was drawing with his foot in the grass was a lot more important.

"Do I really look that fucked up?" His voice came off as a low mumble.

"A little." He finally cracked a smile. "I really did love her, you know. Most people, when I say most people I mean my meddling family, couldn't understand why I was with someone that was so dark, but I think I was the only that saw the light in her." Ellyn placed her hand on his shoulder, causing him to finally look up from this artwork in the grass.

"Isaiah, that light you fell in love with was the same light that was my best friend. Trust me when I say that I know exactly how you're feeling."

His glassy eyes remained on Ellyn, until he abruptly pulled her into a hug. "Thank you."

In shock at first, Ellyn hugged him back and settled into their embrace. "I was there for you once, and I'll be there again. That's a promise."

"That bitch. I knew it."


Hours later...

Suddenly, a blonde woman approached her from behind the right side of the curtains. With a faint smile, Viviane acknowledged her.

"Hi, I'm looking for Vaughn Kendrick." The blonde woman frowned and looked at the woman with confusion.

"He's not in." The blonde stood their firm and steady as she crossed her arms. Viviane eyed the blonde closely. Only high ranked girls had rights to watch over the club while Vaughn was out. She knew that position all too well. Vaughn's new little replacement.

"Aww that's too bad." She looked around the club, breathing in the smell of cigarettes and sex. There were a few old geezers lurking around trying to get their fix for the night. Viviane chuckled. "Mind if I leave a note? Trust me, I know my way around. As a matter of fact I was in your shoes a few years back. Vaughn is an...old friend." She smiled and walked pass the girl and directly into Vaughn's office.

 Not much had changed since she had last been here. A few new pictures and some desk items but the same dried up wall paper lined the suffocating walls.

Viviane looked down at the desk and spied a sheet of paper and a pen. She quickly wrote an address down on the paper and a small note in the corner. With a smile, she threw the pen down and strolled out of the office.


Sorry about the lack of pictures towards the end. After opening and watching my game crash at least 15 times, I pretty much got tired of the lot and just left it alone. Hopefully its just that lot and not the entire game acting that way. And if the imagery wasn't clear enough Camille is the blonde Viviane was talking to. Again I'm sorry about the lack of pictues :/


  1. I hate jealous females that blame others for their own faults? You ever stop to think that your attitude is ugly and that's why you keep losing men that you love?


    Vivien is such a bitch! The end.

    1. Viviane is once again blinded by love and hatred and can't help but let her emotions lead her down the wrong road.


    MAN! Damn you Izzy! You just stirred up a shit storm! OMG! I can only imagine the hell that's about to rain down when Vaughn gets that message! This is fucked up! Why do you keep doing this BriAnna?

    This started out so beautiful and everything. I'm happy that Gabe is taking her away from there. Perhaps she won't be found when Vaughn appears!

    Excellent drama bomb I am hoping a house falls on that old witch as she makes her way home!

    1. YES SHE DID!lol

      Isaiah was emotionally destroyed and turned to the only person who had seen his true emotions before, but it just so happened to be at the wrong time.. Haha Its not me..its the characters!

      Gabe is utterly excited to be starting a new chapter with Ellyn, and Ellyn feels just as mutual!

      Thanks Dj :)

  3. That bitch!!!! I knew she would go to Vaughn I knew it! Poor Ellyn and Gabe. I hope he doesn't get hurt when Vaughn comes to claim her. I don't see this ending well for anyone involved. :(

    I'm sad and scared.

  4. OMG, she actually ratted Ellyn out to Vaugh?? Now he's going to know where she is! The good thing is that she has Gabe and Isiah to protect her. But knowing Vaughn, who knows what he's capable of. If he finds out Ellyn is pregnant, he's going ape shit crazy!

  5. What is up with jealous Bitches??? Of all people, she goes to the one who treated her bad too. How quickly she forgot! I hope he nails her ass too! This is bad... I hope nothing happens to Gabe or Isaiah.... or El's baby...

  6. I can't believe she did that. Whatever good was in Vivian is long gone! If she thought this was the way to get him to come back to her, she is wrong.

    I hope that Ellyn and Gabe won't be hurt! She was just beginning to be happy and Isaiah was so right to break up with Vivian!


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