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Nineteen – Conspire (.017)

Vaughn quickly scanned the location he was instructed to come to on this very Sunday night. Although the note had confused him, somehow, he felt knew the identity of the person on the other side of the pen. To his surprise, he just so happened to be right.

 "Well, well if it isn't Nikola Uhla. I thought I would never see the day..."

"Almost like seeing a ghost huh?" He walked over to the two seated table positioned off to the side of the café. He pulled out the chair and carefully sat down and threw his amr.

"I did you the liberty of getting you your favorite. Heineken. Draft?"

"Still got it after all these years."

Almost simultaneously, the waitress came a placed the beer on the table and walked back towards the front. He grabbed the beer and examined it before taking a sip. The entire time, he never removed his eyes from the dangerous black haired woman sitting across from him.

"Now what is it that you want Ms. Nikola?"

"Oh, this isn't about what I want Vaughn."

 "It's not?" His face formed into confusion, causing him to sit up.

"Oh heaven's no! This, this is about you want." She took one last sip of her drink and placed it on the table. Once her drink was stable, she placed her arms and leaned towards the man she once loved.

"And what exactly is that Ms. Nikola?"

"I believe it starts with 'ma' and ends with 'kenzie'."

His smirk was gone. "Talk."

"You always were pushy." She smiled and rubber her manicured finger across her eyebrow. "First let's get this elephant out of the room. This is strictly business. The hatred between us is mutal—"

"Hatred? I've never hated you Nicky." Vaughn quickly interjected.

"What?" Both his statement and her former nickname had caught her off guard.

"I've always thought you were bitter, but there was a point in time when I actually cared for you. Until things got complicated—"

"Ok, enough! This isn't even relevant to the topic at hand." She waved her hands in the air as if that would stop the memories from flowing into her mind. "Like I said, this isn't about 'us'.  This is about how I can help you help me." Viviane slowly slid back into her chair once her body finally calmed from their off topic discussion just seconds ago. "Now, you want her back and I want her gone. I have a solution to get us both what we want. Simultaneously, of course."

"And you know where she is?"

"Let's just say, I've known for a very long time."

"And what do you want out of this? How is this going to benefit you?"

Viviane let out a laugh. "I've already told you. By you getting what you want, I do the same. Now, I must warn you, some things may get dirty and someone might actually get hurt, but last I checked you didn't give a damn what stood in your way as long as you got the prize. Am I right?" The woman revealed her white teeth for the millionth time. She finished the last of her wine and pulled out a five dollar bill from her purse and threw it on the table. "Here's my card if you're interested. The offer won't stand long." She pushed the chair back and stood up revealing her attire for the evening. After brushing the invisible particles off of her clothing she strutted pass and towards the front entrance.

 "Oh, by the way." She said just before she passed him.


 "For what?" Vaughn grew more and more bemused.

 "You didn't hear? You're going to be a daddy!"

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I'm VERY sorry to the many people that tried to read this chapter Tuesday (1/31/12) and was unable to read it. Somehow, while checking for comments and whatnot, my mobile device deleted the whole chapter while I was at school leaving my frustrated and worried that I had disappointed my fans :/
Once again, I'm very sorry for this. I'm positive that this is the official/updates chapter, as of right this second (1/31/12 at 7:45pm) and again sorry :/


  1. That freaking no good back stabbing snake of a bitch!!!!!!! UGH does she really thing she will get Isaiah back but getting rid of Ellyn? If anything it will make him hate her for what she has done.

    Someone might get hurt, yes Gabe will trying to save her from Vaughn.

    This is not good! Not good at all. :(

    1. That really is the driving motive behind her decision to tell Vaughn, but sometimes love blinds and Viviane is just running through the darkness!

      Viviane doesn't want anyone to get hurt cause after all these people were her family for the past year.

      Not its not at all! Thanks for reading!

  2. I have no more sympathy what so ever for Vivian! This is totally crossing the line. How she can think this will get Isaiah back is beyond me!

    For all she knows Isaiah could get hurt!

    Now Vaughn knows that Ellyn is pregnant. There will be no stopping him!

    1. You and everyone else! lol Viviane will do anything to try to get Isaiah, back, and she thinks eliminating Ellyn from the picture will do the trick. Unfortunately, Viviane is still unaware that Isaiah knows EVERYTHING.

      Vaughn is in complete shock. he doesn't even know how to react to the fact that he is going to be a father to a child. never once has something like that been taken into consideration by him..

  3. I cant wait for moree! :D
    Your so good at making it life-like... no other stories have such amazing pictures!

    1. wow thank you :) I'm really big on pictures so its good to see I have someone who enjoys them. Thanks so much for reading!

  4. OMG!! That face he made when she told him ElMac was preggers!!! MAN! That bitch I can't believe what an incredible cunt she is! I hate her and like her at the same time! She didn't even hear what Hottie McHottie Vaughn said about not hating her! She forces people to dislike and distrust her! Fucking unworthy bitch.

    Sorry um...

    I know he'll take her up on her offer. I'm curious why she left him to think it over instead of giving up the info right then and there! She's setting some other shit into motion I know it and I hope it doesn't hurt Gabe and Izzy though I'm definitely sure it will :(

    1. HAHA Hottie McHottie Vaughn..
      Viviane thinks that eliminating poor Ellyn from the picture will solve her problems, since she believes that Ellyn has been the root of all of her turmoil..

      Viviane is a girl that likes her grand exits. xP She knew Vaughn's mind would be too unstable at the moment after some news like that, so she left the choice in the air to ensure that he will have time to get pass the news and hopefully make the choice in her favor.

  5. OMG!! No, she didn't! She did not just tell him about the baby! He's going bat-shit crazy right now and she hasn't even told him where to find Ellyn. I really hope Gabe and Izzy will be able to protect her. I'm wondering what Vivian wants in return. :O

  6. ~ Does she love playing with fire,now she has spilled the beans,if she does not come forth with the where abouts of Ellyn,she puts her life on the line.
    ~ Vaughn will not let this drop,& he will do anything to get Ell back,which means the whole family is at risk,V must not love Izzy all that much to put him in that kind of danger,& no matter what she has already lost,but I think even if she knew that fact,she would still do this,some how putting the blame on Ell!
    ~ Loves it,but a bit scared to know more!(",)

  7. She did not just do that! I never thought I would feel more sympathetic towards Vaughn than Viviane, but man, that's a low thing to do.

    Can't wait for more!

  8. Just caught up on this and man, what a biatch Viviane has turned out to be, she really does need to be taught a lesson.
    People like her i love to see the tables turned on!

    Vaughn..ugh...have a feeling the whole situation is going to get very ugly, now that he knows he's going to have a baby with Ellyn he'll do whatever it takes.

    great stuff....edenz~


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