Monday, February 20, 2012

Twenty – Touch (.038)

"Jesus! You would swear they were giving away something for free at that damn supermarket. The whole town was in there. Oh yeah, Gwen told me to tell you 'hello'--" Faven finally shut her mouth and took a second to stop and acknowledge her non moving sister.

 "Mae?" Faven slowly eased around to see her expression, but that was difficult due to her stance. What she could see did catch her off guard. A glass of wine and a unfolded letter. "What's wrong Mae?" Faven nearly whispered as she placed the bag of groceries on the kitchen table. The last time Shirley had touched a drink was the night Micah left. She knew whatever it was couldn't have been good.

Snapping out of her frozen state, Shirley raised the glass of wine to her mouth. Finishing her sip of the rest liquid, she slid the note into the middle of the counter so that Faven could get a clear view. Watching her carefully, Faven looked between her sister and the sheet of paper and slowly walked over to it. Once she was within reach, she grabbed the uneven paper and stared that the scribbled words across the paper.

"Dear Shirley, My love. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for my long absence. You don't understand the guilt I have lived with since leaving you all and it is ultimately my greatest regret. With Christmas slowly approaching, I hope that you will accept my offer to join me in Barcelona during the holiday in hopes to starting over and beginning on a very long journey to get things back to normal. I know it will never be the same, but I will try with every breath in me to ensure it will be damn near close. Inside the second envelope are 5 plane tickets set to leave December 23rd.

P.S. I miss you Shirley so much that it hurts. Here's a song to show you that you were never a shadow in my life.

From your husband, Micah "

Faven placed the letter back on the counter and took in a deep breath. She turned to look at her sister, who was still staring blankly out the window. Patiently, Faven waited for her to gather her thoughts and speak.

"What am I going to do? How am I even going to break this to the kids? It's been eleven years and he's just now saying something?"

"Mae this is all left up to you. If you want to go, then you will have to leave the choice up to the kids, but if it's a mute point then I wouldn't even entertain it." Faven paused. "Do you want to go?"

Shirley just nodded. "Well then you know what you have to do then." With pain deeply swelling in her eyes, turned towards her sister.

"I'll call the kids." Faven whispered into her sister's neck as they hugged.


"I know you are all wondering why I called this meeting so randomly, but I have something I need to tell you all about." At the same time, everyone who sat on the couch, sucked in their breaths and waited for the uncertain news.

"Did someone die?" Gabe signed from behind the couch.

"No," Shirley smiled and signed back, "no one has died." She intertwined her hands once she was done signing and looked down at the floor. Taking a few deep breaths seemed to keep her calm, but her calmness only masked the intense worry coming from her eyes. She quickly looked up when she felt a warm, soft hand on her shoulder. Faven looked at her sister, her eyes urging her to continue.

"Just this morning," Shirley began, "I received a letter from...your father." She stopped talking, and waited for the harsh retaliation she had been afraid of. No one spoke. No one moved. The only thing that made any type of noise was the soft hum of the dishwasher in the kitchen. She stated back at the children who were blankly staring back at them. Although they said nothing, their eyes screamed everything they wanted to say.

"What did it say?" Isaiah's deep voice was the first one to break the ice.

"He wants us to come and visit him on Christmas."

"I know this may seem like a lot to take in," Faven quickly interjected after seeing the denial on her nephew's faces, "but you all agreeing to come would mean a lot to your mom. Much more than you realize--"

"To hell with that!" Isaac quickly jumped up from the couch. "I wouldn't want to see the sad excuse of a man if Jesus himself told me to do so! Why now? Why does he wait eleven years to want to see us now? That a bunch of bullshit!"

Faven quickly defended her sister, who was currently frozen in a state of shock. "Isaac, you may not have much respect for your father, but you will respect your mother! You hear me?"

"Whatever man. I am a legal adult and none of your can make me go. I will move out if I have to." Abruptly, he stormed out of the living room and rushed up the stairs. The silence throughout the room was suddenly met with the slam of a door.

Faven sighed and stepped from behind her sister to talk to the remaining people. "Isaac is right about one thing. We can't make you go, but it would mean a lot if you all did go." There was still a lot of tension lurking through the room.

"I'll go." Gabriel spoke finally. It was like his voice rose her from the dead. Her frozen place turned into a smile and she nodded her head. "Thank you." she mouthed. Once Gabriel's answer was final, everyone's attention turned toward the second twin standing behind the couch.

"Isaiah, what do you say?" Faven leaned closer to him, hoping for a positive outcome.

"I....I don't know." suddenly, the front door blew open as he ran out of it. They all waited for the door of his truck to slam, but nothing ever came.

"Well I guess we have our answers." Faven mumbled. She turned her focus on Ellyn suddenly and smiled.

"You know Ellyn, if you want to come, there are two extra tickets."

Ellyn's eyes grew wide. "Really? I mean, I'm not a part of the family and I don't want to intrude--"

"Nonsense!" Shirley said. Her voice was livelier than before. "You are a part of the family not just as much as anyone else, but no one of forcing you to go."

"No! I would love to go! Thanks so much for thinking enough of me to ask." Ellyn suddenly grew bright with happiness and sprang up to embrace Faven and Shirley.


Thanksgiving eve flowed on quietly and calmly. Faven and Shirley moved about the kitchen baking a and seasoning a few things for tomorrow. Gabe and Ellyn sat quietly at the dining room table, talking about nothing in particular. Ellyn looked away from Gabe for a second an glanced at the window behind him. Isaiah's gray truck still sat outside. She couldn't help but be worried about him. After their encounter with the gifts from his father, Ellyn felt almost obligated to go convince him to go and support his mother.

"I should go talk to him." Ellyn mumbled suddenly. She was still gazing off in the direction of the window.

"It's no use. He never listens to anything when it comes to out dad. It's like talking to a brick wall." Gabriel signed back.

"Well I can at least try. I mean this time could be different."

Gabriel let out a deep sigh. "Well can't say I didn't try to warn you. Give it a go." Ellyn brushed her hand across his and smiled before she stood up from the table and strolled out of the front door.

Without considering it, she rushed off towards the stables. She knew him well enough to know that he would be hiding there.

"Isaiah?" No answer. "I know you're here. I'm coming whether you like it or not."

Sure enough, there he was sitting in front of the stables with his knee up and his hand pressed against his forehead.

"What do you want?"

"To try to talk you into going to see your dad."

"And what do you think I've been doing for that past two and a half hours?"

"How's that going so far?"

"Not too good."

Ellyn took a seat next to him. "Come on Isaiah. I think you should go, for the sake of Shirley."

Isaiah began to shake his head. "Why now Ellyn? What made him just want to suddenly come out of the blue and be a dad. I mean he's been living his life as a single man, why does he suddenly want to be family man? I want nothing to do with him."

Ellyn shrugged. "I can't speak for him, but he can! Which gives you every reason to go.  At least he had the guts to do it now. It's better late than never. And you know," Ellyn paused. "You can always ask about that garage key."

His neck quickly snapped in her direction. Isaiah looked as if he was going to counter with more denial, but he just turned his head away from her. "I don't know El...I don't even know how to say to him. I don't know who he is anymore."

She let out a soft smile. He was giving in. "Well I'm pretty sure he's the same man you called your dad eleven years ago."

He looked up and crossed his arms at Ellyn and smiled. "You're right."

"I know I am." Ellyn chuckled and nudged the man next to her.

"It's getting pretty chilly out here. We should get back inside. Don't need you making anymore hospital visits." He hopped up from where he sat and offered his hand to assist her. She accepted and once her legs were straight he pulled her into a soft embrace.

"I'll take this as a yes?" She said still wrapped up in his arms.

He just merely nodded."Thank you for coming and talking me off the ledge."

"Sure. It's what friends do." He and Ellyn shared a gentle laugh.

Suddenly, Isaiah began to sink into the hug a little bit too much.

Ellyn's eyes flashed open in worry. There was something about the way the hugged her that made her feel like there was a different motive behind their embrace. Quickly, Ellyn backed away and looked down at the ground for refuge. A very sentimental moment had suddenly become very uncomfortable.

"Uh...I'll see you inside." Ellyn mumbled.



  1. hmm... i can't help but be leary, will have to see how the trip goes..looking forwards to seeing the fireworks~...edenz~

    1. Everyone in the house has some type of worry about Micah's randomness, but they are all hoping for the best!

  2. It's nice ElMac had that talk with Izzy. It had to be her though because they seem to really have a connection, moreso revealed in that hug O.o what was that about Izzy? I wonder what Micah wants...maybe he needs a kidney or something (that would be so fucked up).

    Hmm to tell Gabe or not to tell him...decisions, decisions. If she doesn't tell him though I'm saying it was because she ENJOYED THAT HUG TOO!

    1. Ellyn felt it was almost her duty to go and talk to Isaiah about his father. After that night, she couldn't help but feel connected to him though the decisions of his father. Maybe Izzy's looking for a rebound after being hurt by Viv... but who knows, that guy doesn't know what he wants. *eye roll*

      Ellyn is just gonna brush it off. In her mind, she is fighting with the fact that was nothing, but deep down inside, she knows there was more too it..

  3. That letter came out of the blue. Maybe DJ is right. Maybe Micah is dying or something and now he's realizing he doesn't want to die alone so he is going to throw his family's life off balance again for his own selfish reasons. I hope that's not the case but after 11 years, something has to be up with that. He sends a letter. Why didn't he come to them? Buying one ticket is way cheaper than 5.

    Ellyn, she is still struggling to keep things as friends with Isaiah and he's not making it easy.

    1. Hmmmm maybe, or maybe the poor man just misses his family after 11+ years? I mean I would feel guilty too, but hey better late then never :P lol But I guess we'll find out in the upcoming chapters..

      Nope! And with Izzy being nice and single, he's trying anything to get Viv off of his mind.

  4. Poor Shirley! I do not like the idea of this man being gone for all this time then trying to make a comeback! I'm with Issac but I love Gabe for not even thinking about it. His mission is to go and support his mother and I love that!

    That hug! I kind of felt there was a little something there between them and let me tell you Bri, if you make me choose between these two, I will hunt you down!!!

    1. Shirley is trying to stand strong, but its hard when the love of your life writes for the first time in a while. (Remember when Izzy said in Ch. 11 that he called a few time but this is the first time he has requested to see them).
      Issac is always gonna show out when it comes to his dad cause he feels like he was the one who was hurt the most cause after all, his dad left on his birthday..
      Gabe's big heart didn't even put the thought of 'no' in his mind. He knew from the moment they told him his father wrote that he was going. But deep down inside, he has the same exact thoughts as his twin brother, but he would only voice them to his dad, in private.
      Izzy on the rebound! lol

  5. That will be one interesting trip! I understand why everyone's upset, but maybe there's a good reason why Micah wants to see them. At least he's reaching out to his family. Maybe he wants to start over.

    Like others have stated, maybe it's an emergency. It will be good for everyone to go so they can finally get some type of closure.

  6. After eleven years, Micah finally came to his senses. At least it appears so. For Shirley's sake, I hope that it is really true! The boys need to go so that they can hear from their father himself, why he hasn't been there for the past eleven years.

    I wonder if Isaiah's hug means that his feelings for Ellyn are more than friendship. I still want her and Gabe together, but I like Isaiah too! This is hard!

    1. Hm, It'd be nice if you continued your story Four, I honestly enjoy it, and it seems like you're trying to discontinue it........
      C'mon now!

      Try giving at least the ending.

      Its a wonderful story!


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