Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twenty-Three - Sight(.040)

Almost flawlessly, Micah Fisher strolled down the curving staircase, playing to his fans. He waved at everyone until he reached the final step. That's when the hand shaking and half hugs begin. He fought his way through the crowd thanking fans for coming.

 Micah Fisher had done things in the music world that most artists hadn't dreamed of doing. Triple platinum on at least four albums. Sold out tours. You name it, and then multiply it times ten.

Ellyn finally took a second from being in absolute shock that she was in the presence of a legend and looked at Shirley. She braced herself for what expression she would have. When she finally spotted her in the crowd, she let out a sigh.

Shirley stood towards the front, near the right of the stage, slowly clapping. Faven wasn't too far behind her.

Micah continued through the crowd until he finally made it onto the stage. Exasperated from the lieu of fans, he dramatically whipped his forehead and laughed. He greated Gustavo Reyes with a friendly hug.

A woman in a long black and gold dress appeared with a trophy and handed it to Micah. He took a second and looked at the golden figure then spoke onto the microphone.

"Wow! They never tell you how heavy these things are! Or shinny!" In unison, the audience laughed. "This is a very huge and amazing honor. It took a lot for me to get to this point and every second was worth it. First off, I would like to thank Musician Man Association for their support, encouragement and this award tonight. My assistant and lifeline Zoe Patchier. I would literally be walking around without my head without her! My manger Derrick Homes, for keeping me in check, because even I know I'm a piece of work. Of course my fans, because you all have been the fuel to this train and I wouldn't trade you all for the world."

The dark skinned man on the stage took a second and gazed at the golden trophy shining underneath the stage lights.

His eyes went from the trophy to the audience and scanned over the crowd. Micah's head came to a stop in one small section. The section to Ellyn's right. The section that contained Shirley and Faven.

 He had seen her.

"And..." he began, "To my beautiful wife, Shirley. For this train would have never roared to life without her light. I love you and will always love you." Micah remained in the same position, his eyes never leaving Shirley's. The host appeared back on stage and took control of the microphone.

"Thank you! On behalf of the Music Man Association, we are honored to have you. Well ladies and gentlemen, in a gift to his fans, Mr. Micah Fisher will be doing a little performance for us this evening. Lets hear it for Mr. Micah Fisher!" The host moved from in front of the microphone and freed the trophy from Micah's hands and disappeared from the stage for the second time.

The band began to play the beginning tune that everyone knew all too well. Almost automatically, the crowd spread and the dance floor was in fully functioning. Micah's voice suddenly began to match the soothing music. A few fans sung along as they headed for the dance floor.

Suddenly, Gabriel was at Ellyn's ear and his hands around her waist. "The dance floor is open again. Hope I haven't worn you out for round two." They both chuckled.

"Not in your dreams." Ellyn said as she pulled Gabriel towards the area designated for dancing couples. A few couples had already gotten into the flow of the soft music, and the voice that a companied it. The two of them made it to the middle of the floor and melted into each other's arms. Ellyn shut her eyes and went into the world of being in Gabriel's arms forever.

They opened suddenly when the music of the band continued but the voice that brought people to their knees had suddenly stopped. Ellyn watched as Micah climbed from the stage and made is way through the crowd shaking a few hands and nodding in the direction of others, but his focus was only on one target. Shirley.

 Ellyn smiled when the couple finally were within inches of each other. they took a second to just stare at the other, trying to gage if this situation was real. Micah was the first to move forward.

He raised the back of his hand to her freckled cheek. It appeared he was whipping away a tear. Suddenly, she embraced him.

Ellyn looked over from the reunited couple to find Gabriel watching the same events occur in front of them. He looked down, smiled at her and planted a kiss on her forehead. The music continued and went back to her comfortable position on Gabriel's shoulder. 

This time instead of closing her eyes, they were suddenly met with another set of eyes. Deep brown eyes watching her with a look that looked of happiness but reaped of jealousy. 

Ellyn stared back at Isaiah in confusion, but smiled at the man she called a friend. He smirked back and gave a weak nod. Ellyn turned her head and closed her eyes again but this time, her mind began to wonder into different worlds that made no sense.



  1. I've just started reading, only on chapter 4 at the moment so bear with me as I catch up. Don't feel like I should comment until I know what's going on, loving the story so far though=)...edenz

  2. ~ Micah,I wonder what is his agender,I am sure I will find out in the next bit!(I hope I do!)
    ~ Loving it!(",)

  3. I love that everyone is happy with them reuniting but I feel like a jerk here. I can't get over him leaving even though he is there now. So much happened in those 11 years. People change in that time.


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