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Twenty-Seven - Ghost(.049)

Ellyn's skipped heart beat mirrored the echoing shatter of glass. Her eyes flashed open and they were met with the dark ceiling of the bedroom. The woman sat up looking around, to ensure that the noise had not come from within the room.

Rolling onto her stomach, she glanced over at the opposite side of the bed only to be reminded that Gabriel wasn't there to protect her.

Times like these made her regret convincing him to travel to Texas to claim the property his father had indeed left for him. Her rambling about having closure and putting demons to rest seemed foolish now, but at the time it seemed like the best and only alternative.

She swung her bare feet and throbbing ankles over the edge of the bed and rose to her feet. Ellyn nearly fell back onto the bed due to her exhaustion and dizziness, which was something she knew all too well. Grabbing her swollen belly, she crept to her bedroom door and softly put her hand on the door handle.

What if it was Vaughn? 

She quickly released the door handle and stepped several feet away from the door, her hand still grasping her stomach. Stretching her hearing as far as it could go, she listed for any other noises that would lead her to believe that she was in any grave danger.

Sounds of grunting and muffled words came closer and closer to the bedroom, and with a sigh of relief, she released her stomach.

Rolling her eyes, Ellyn walked into the hallway containing both the entrance to of the bedroom and guest room. In the hallway was a drunken, and out of his mind Isaiah.

Once again, she found herself regretting her rambling. He was supposed to be looking after her while Gabriel was away. It was the only way Gabriel would even consider leaving her, but unfortunately, she found herself looking out for Isaiah more than she did herself.

She shook her head, appalled at the drunken man stumbling towards her. He finally looked up from the ground and ceased his disgruntled mumbling.

 "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" His words slurred pass his mouth. The man could barely even stand up straight.

"Isaiah, have you been drinking? Its three in the morning for fucks sake!" Her realization of the time only made her more livid.


"Jesus Isaiah! You can't keep doing this! If your mother knew about the shit you have been pulling this pass month, she would have a full mental breakdown. You're turning into someone I don’t even know!"

Isaiah stopped briefly to listen to her lecture, but the drunken man rolled his eyes and stumbled into the room he was currently staying in. Building with more and more anger, she followed him.

He climbs into the bed and turns over on his back. Briefly, he opens his eyes to look at the woman stand at the door way glaring at him.

 Before Ellyn can continue you her lecture, Isaiah simply mumbles, "Oh Ellyn, Ellyn. So Beautiful. Oh how I love you."

Her heart suddenly stalls and almost simultaneously, he is asleep.

Creeping slowly out of the room, she shuts the door and leans her body up against it.

  Why would he say that? No. No. he's drunk. But a drunken man tells no tale. No. No. This isn't real. No. No.

She slapped her hands on her forehead and slides to the ground. Cradling her face in her hands she battles with more questions that have no reasonable answers.


"How are my two babies doing?" Gabriel signed to the computer screen. It had been almost a week since they last Skyped. Ellyn smiled at the screen and signed back. "

"We are doing well. Just hungry. Chinese is on the way as we speak. Well sign." She giggled and subconsciously rubs her belly.

"I'm glad to hear that. How's the family doing? Isaiah?"

She hesitates to answer his question. The events of last night replay in her head traumatizing her once more. It was the last thing she wanted to think about. Of course, he notices her change in expression. "Everything okay?"

Ellyn shook her head free of her troubles and quickly responded. She decided it would be best to leave the enormously big elephant in the room alone. "Yeah sorry, the baby was kicking. The family is well, and Isaiah," The woman paused briefly to think of a lie, "I think he stayed late at work. How's everything going down there?" As he's about to sign, the doorbell rings.

Ellyn's mouth begins to water at the thought of her food arriving. "Sorry Gabe, my food is here. I'll call you back in like five minutes, okay."

"Okay. See you in a bit."

She waves and ends the call. Waddling over to her purse, she grabs the money for the food and walks over to the door without bothering to look out the window.

She opens the door and suddenly, she is frozen.

"Hello, Mackenzie."

I'm Back! Well now that Christmas Break has arrived..
My first semester of college was epic!
Finished with a 3.8 :)
So yeah, back to simming..
I'm have written three chapters already so all I have to do is take pictures!
I go back to school on the 14th so I'll have the other chapters posted before I leave!
Glad to be back, and hopefully I still have some readers..


  1. Welcome back! :) I'm glad you had fun at college. I'm not at all familiar with college grades but isn't 4.0 the highest you can get? So you did really awesome right? :)

    Anyway, loved the chapter. Your sims always have the greatest expressions and I still really like how you're doing the hand signs when Gabe and Ellyn talk. It's so cute.

    1. Thanks for reading Keoni! And yes I had an absolute blast! And yes, you're right, the highest scale was 4.0 and I got a 3.8 ^.^ I'm so proud of myself, but it took a lot of hard work, dedication, and no sims for a while :/

      Aw, Thanks! I spent about an hour playing around with different interactions to ensure that their hands would move and make it look like they are speaking in sign. I'm glad to see it was noticed. :) And yes! There are more of those to come!

      Again, thanks for reading!

  2. I'm sorry if I'm a little lost here, but when did Ellyn find out she was pregnant? That probably happened a lot earlier and I either didn't pay attention or I've forgotten ^^;;;;

    Oh Isiah, Isiah...*sigh*

    My, my, quite a cliffhanger. That's who she's been fearing to see isn't it? Looking forward to the next chapter :D

    Kudos on finishing the semester quite smashingly.

    1. In Chapter 12: [Tweleve - Fragile (.026)], Ellyn started having some stomach problems and was rushed to the hospital only to find out that she was pregnant with Vaughn's child. And its okay! A lot has been going on in this story so I don't blame you! lol

      Yeah, :/ Poor Izzy is taking his dad's death a little bit harder than everyone else..

      yes, yes! the dreadful Vaughn!

  3. Oh no! That is not good and she left her video chat and not that it will matter since Gabriel is deaf, gods I hope Isaiah gets there really fast.

    Welcome back and congratulations on your great grades for college :)

    1. Unfortunately, Ellyn and Gabe ended the call, so he has no idea what's going on at the moment!
      And Ellyn is hoping the same thing too! We will just have to wait and see ;)

      thanks Zhip!

  4. Oh man...that's not good! Alone with a drunken Isaiah and now her worst nightmare has caught up to her damn. And I'm sure Vaughn won't take long to realize when she ran she took his kid with her :( I hope he doesn't do anything to harm her!


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