Friday, January 4, 2013

Twenty-Eight - Chaos(.048)

"Vaughn." Ellyn finally breathes past the large lump that had formed into her throat. She could feel the pounding of her heart beneath her chest. Her breathing grew extremely shallow and quick as she stood frozen in her own horror. She thought this moment would never come, yet here it was, standing at her front door.

"Well, Ms. Mackenzie, it has been a while. You have certainly...changed." He looked down at her stomach and back up at her screaming eyes. "Yet, you're still the same. Eye's golden as flames..." He trailed off and slowly began to enter the house.

Each step he took inward, Ellyn masked it. Before she knew it, her rear was pressed up against the table parallel to the door. He was so close to her that she could feel the heat radiating of his body. She reaches at her pregnant belly and clutches it.

 Again, he looks down at her stomach, and his sinful smile disappeared.

"I've never wanted children Mackenzie. Yet here you are." Vaughn's fingers trails along her hip brushing across her belly. When his hand reaches her warm cheek, she flinches back and flicks his hand away.

He looks up appalled. "That’s the second time you have denied me Mackenzie. Its time you relearn some discipline."

His final words slipped through his lips almost as harshly as his hand struck her face.

Sending her flying through the foyer, Ellyn's eyes immediately redden from tears. Holding her stomach, she lifts her head and tries to escape the assault. My baby. No. Please. My baby.

"Christ. I've wanted to do that for so long. You're such a bitch Mackenzie. Always thinking of yourself. What about me, huh?" He sharply kicks her in her stomach, pain shooting through every inch of her body. "What about me? You think you can just run away from me and think I wouldn't find you? You're mine Mackenzie. I will always find you."

"Vaughn, please."

"Oh, she talks! I've taught you to not talk out of turn Mackenzie. Perhaps I should shut you up. Permanently."

He reaches down and grabs the helpless woman and slams her body up against the wall. Before she has a chance to recover from her head being slammed into the solid wall, his hands are at her throat, sucking the very life out of her. My baby. Please.

"You fucking whore! How dare you leave me! All that I did for you?  I should have left your ass in that fire that day. I fucking loved you Mackenzie!

 "And you know what? If I can't have you, no one else will."


Ellyn fights for her last breaths with all the strength in her, but it only begins to tire her out as his hand grips tighter and tighter around her air way. Her vision becomes duller and duller as she looks into the hateful eyes of the man who is trying to end not only her life, but the life of their child.

Just as she is about to blackout completely, the hand around her neck is snatched away in one swift motion and she can finally breathe. Her hand rises to her throat, trying to massage the blood flow back into her skin.

She looks up threw her blurred vision to find another man struggling with Vaughn towards the living room. The man's hair cascaded down to his shoulders and quick side view of the man revealed his scruffy beard.

Isaiah. Almost simultaneously, Vaughn rolled over and began to get the best of Isaiah.

 Suddenly, a sense of power came over Ellyn and she crawled to her feet and stumbled towards the men. She had to save Isaiah.

Ellyn ran up behind the man, jumped on his back and fiercely began hitting him. She clawed at his face and tried to reach his eye balls.

Before she had a chance to reach them, Vaughn stood up and slung her body across the room.

The side of her skull met the statue directly next to the computer. Almost instantaneously, Ellyn felt her conscious slipping away. Her slow deep breaths were met with the smell of blood as she drifted towards the darkness that was slowly consuming her vision.

No. My baby. 

Vaughn, Please. 

Isaiah. Isaiah. Don't leave me.

For the first time in her life, she was face to face with peace.

PS. I don't know if y'all caught what Vaughn said at the beginning..
If you did, then something should make a lot more sense now. :)
The next update will be soon!


  1. Ugh... what happens??? Is she dead? Is Vaughn dead? Is Isaiah hurt? Don't leave me hanging!!! *sniffle*

    Her golden eyes... I am not sure what it may mean, but I bet it's important. :(

  2. One word her Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

  3. O.O ellyn!!!! And I saw that re the golden flame? Lol! You almost did the same thing another friend of mine did XD unfortunately I didn't comprehend it well and I'll have to wait for her next update as I will w this. Soon pls! :(

  4. I am SO in love with this story!! Please upload the next part quick!! I have added this to my bookmarks so I don't lose it I love it so much! If you don't mind my asking: Where did you get some of the awesome clothes that your Sims are wearing? I would love to know so I can find some of them. Keep up the awesome work!!

  5. OMG NO! OMG! Wtf!?! So he says to her that he never wanted children he KNEW that kid was his and was ready to kill her and the baby anyway!! I can't believe that! Damn it Bri! That was so intense and you end it right there??? :( I hope Isaiah gets up soon!

    What does the golden flame mean? And what fire did he save her from? UGH! You can't leave this like this! So cruel!

  6. I'm all caught up! First of all, I have mixed feelings about Micah's decision to send for his family, only to die of cancer. He was gone for 11 years, didn't even make one attempt to contact his family, despite his success. I understand his guilt but it wasn't fair to leave them hanging like this, especially Shirley. As generous as it was for him to leave his estate with his wife and children, money can't buy love or time lost. His family didn't even get to say goodbye, let alone get closure from his long absence. But I have to say, the ballroom was beautiful, as was the funeral. It was touching for Micah to leave that video, but still selfish of him to wait that long.

    OMG, is Ellyn okay?? She can't be dead...or the baby! I can't believe Vaughn showed up. Poor Isiah, I hope he's okay too! Quite a cliffhanger you got there!

    Looking forward to more!


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