Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twenty-Two - Angel (.030)

"Hey." Ellyn slowly slid the door to a closer and walked closer to the statue in front of her.

 "Hey." Isaiah kept his face towards the moving waves that were still apparent long after the sun had fell asleep.

"How are you?"

"I'm surviving." Ellyn could tell by his weak answers that he was nervous through and through. He hadn't said much in the past twenty-four hours but his eyes were screaming for help.

"I'm glad. I'm actually pretty proud of your behavior. No broken items, fits through walls or temper tantrums. Well now that I think about it I'm more surprised than proud."

He smiled. "Yeah, I'm actually pretty proud myself. I have you to thank for that. Your little talk back home kept me in line." Isaiah looked down at Ellyn for the first time. "Wow."

"What?" Ellyn said, blushing instantly.

 "You look gorgeous. Red is really your color. Makes your skin glow." Ellyn smiled, she she was still trying to hide her blushing. She didn't know what was up with Isaiah these past few days, but whatever it was making her uneasy.

"I just blame the whole glow thing on the baby. It kind of freaks me out sometimes."

 "It shouldn't. It's looks great." His eyes remained on her for a second too long before he returned his eyes back to the crashing waves. He tried to keep them there, but Ellyn's stare drew him back. She stared back into his eyes, trying to mentally cure him of his pain. She knew what all of this was doing to him, and she had seen it first hand. The last thing she wanted see was Isaiah falling apart in her arms once again. It took everything she had not to reach out and pull him into her arms. As much as she wanted to, she knew she couldn't. She almost felt she was here, at this very moment, destined to keep him from falling apart. Kind of like a guardian angel.

"Hey, um, the limo is here." A voice appeared from behind, starling them both. Faven was looked flawless in her long tan dress that hugged every single curve on her body. Her hair was pinned back, some of it still brushing her shoulders, but the hairstyle was perfect because it still allowed her cheekbones and rosy lips to be the center of attention.

"Ok." Ellyn said, turning around to leave the balcony. "You coming Isaiah?" she said, noticing he hadn't moved from the same spot.

"Yeah I'm coming, just give me a sec." He mumbled between a deep sigh.

The women nodded and slid the door close and walked towards the door.

"Oh thank Marry! You all made it! I was beginning to worry you all would be now show!" Zoe slapped her hand around Shirley's neck while the other was busy holding a glass of wine, which came as no surprise to Ellyn.

"No we wouldn't miss this." Shirely said, awkwardly patting Zoe on her bare back. Zoe looked absolutely stunning that night. Her long black locks were pinned up into some type of bun, but a piece of her bang was allowed to swoop in front of her right cheek. Her russet skin was radiating with life underneath her purple dress, which just added to her beauty.

"Well what do we now?" Faven asked.

"Well right now, you can dance, drink," she raised her glass as and example, " and just mingle around until they get everything started in about ten minutes! Everyone knows who you all are so don't e shy!" they do? "Just have fun and enjoy you self!

Oh, and Mr. Isaiah?" Zoe suddenly shifted her attention to the statue standing closely behind Ellyn.


 "Would you care to dance?" She gave him a grin that indicated that the dance would mean more to her than just some friendly gesture. Everyone turned their attention to Isaiah, awaiting his unsure answer.

 "Uh, um, sure?" He said, stumbling over his answer. Suddenly, Zoe whisked him off into the direction of the other dancing couples

"May Marry be with him." Gabriel whispered. Ellyn chuckled and nudged his shoulder. He looked down at her and smiled his self. "Care to join them?" He signed to her. Ellyn just simply nodded.

Just as they walk on the dance floor a soft, yet jazzy number begins. More couples join them while the singles remained on the side staring in envy.

The music finally came to an end and the couple on the dance floor clapped in approval of the bands performance. A man, dressed in back suit ran onto stage and stood in front of the microphone. The audience went absolutely crazy. Women were yelping and men where whistling in approval. Obviously he was some celebrity over here in Barcelona that none of the family knew of. In order to not look out of place, Ellyn and the rest of them joined the applause.

"Welcome and thank you for coming to the 25th Annual Music Man Gala. I'm Gustavo Reyes and will be your host for the evening. The Music Man Gala was created to acknowledge music men that have show and exceptional characteristics as a citizen, a humanitarian and of course a musician. Tonight we will acknowledge a man that has done just that. Without further a due, we greet the man of the evening. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Micah Fisher."

The lights within the ballroom dim and a spot light appears at the top of the stairs that were over the entrance. At first there was no one there, but suddenly he appeared. There, in the flesh, was Micah Fisher.


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  1. That was soooooooo mean Bri!!!!
    I mean, why'd you gone and done that?

    Hmm, not liking the look on El's face...

    The ballroom looked fab!!!!

    1. Tehee :) I had to! It was so perfect to end it that way. lol Gotta keep the fans guessing!

      Before meeting the Brenton's, Ellyn was just a general fan and now she is about to see him in person. Sh reacted like any one would if they saw a celeb. lol

      Thanks! Took a whole day to make, but I was very pleased of the CC makers and ending result.

  2. What!!! Where's the rest???? Seriously you are such a freaking tease!

    Any way they all looked stunning. I loved the dress Shirley is wearing. Next chapter will be out in a few hours right????

    1. I due time, my child :)

      And thanks, I wanted Mae to stand out compared to the others, because after all, its sort of her night to shine..

      Probably in the next few days :) Graduation is in exactly a week so I gotta get ready to end high school :)

  3. Don't leave me hanging!

    Loved it and I cannot wait to read more.
    Isaiah is but a moody guy, lots on his mind I am sure.

    The set was really gorgeous and their attire fit the scene so perfectly.

    1. Sorry! lol

      Yes, Isaiah is just as nervous as everyone else, but since he was so close with his father as I child, seeing him again is really a tough cookie to bite into..

      Thanks! That set took some serious thinking out! But Thanks to CC makers it got done in like a day. :P

  4. ~ Loved it all,but how dare you leave it there!LOL!
    ~ I can not wait to see more, it seems that the twins both like,like the same girl!?
    ~ Love it & I hope all is well with School!(",)

    1. Everybody loves a good Cliffy!

      Interesting huh? Its funny what us women can do to a family! lol

      Thanks Karima!

  5. You had to leave it there huh?? Really??? Man! I'm proud of Izzy but I bet he blows it when he actually sees the man! I hope he can continue to keep his cool though.

    Faven looked HOT!

    Congratulations! So happy you're graduating :D I hope that means more time for your stories but I know you'll most likely be busy with college...and knowing parents THEY ARE KICKING YOU OUT! Time to learn to fly baby bird (I keed I keed!)

    1. Tehhee :) Yes, must keep the viewers watching!
      Isaiah isn't gonna trip over that easily. He knows his mother is on edge as it is and he doesn't want to be the second man in her life to hurt her and he doesn't want to disappoint ElMac either ;)

      I know right! When I put her dress on I was like...WHOA! CLEAV ALERT! but she was hot, so she got away with it. lol

      Yes Indeed! And thanks! I'm soooo excited too! Big stepping stone for me! and you can't even guess how ready i am to by always from this nest I'm in! lol

  6. Hm, It'd be nice if you continued your story Four, I honestly enjoy it, and it seems like you're trying to discontinue it........
    C'mon now!

    Try giving at least the ending.

    Its a wonderful story!

  7. I loved this chapter! Everyone looked gorgeous and the sets were beautiful!

    I think that Isaiah is feeling more than friendship for Ellyn and I wonder if it will complicate her relationship with Gabriel! So Zoe has a thing for Isaiah, but I don't think he's interested.

    Waiting to see Micah!!!

    1. Thanks!

      Isaiah is still in rebound mode. I mean look at him! Poor thing hasn't even shaved or kept up with his self. Between Viv and his dad, he just needs a shoulder to cry on, but his emotions are telling to do something else while on that shoulder. lol

      Zoe Zoe...she's something else. lol

  8. I'd curse you out but the next update is waiting for me :D haha

    oh and...

    MY MARY that Zoe has her eye on Isaiah and I understand why! My Mary that thing is fine!


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