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Twenty-Four - Enigma(.045)

The band had long continued after Micah had decided to abandon it and go to his long lost wife.

"Come with me." Micah whispered.

Shirley's cheeks were still damp from the tears that filled here eyes so easily when they has finally reunited. Shirley rose from the nook of his neck and stared into the black sunglasses he wore everywhere. Shirley nodded in approval and followed the man as he whisked her off the dance floor. Only a few people seemed to notice their fleeing, but they didn't seem to care too much.

 He lead her up the stairs he had come down only a few minutes ago.

Suddenly they were in an area lit only by candles. The lights from the ballroom were still coming into the area, but it was dark enough to make the moment just perfect.

Awaiting them were a waiter with a tray of Champaign glasses. He stood adjacent from the love seat, positioned in the cut out of the wall with a window that overlooked the city. Shirley took in her surroundings and looked at Micah, who was watching her very closely. He nudged his head in the direction of the love seat and they both walked towards the waiter. They each took a glass of Champaign and sat on the couch.

"That will be all. Thank you." Micah said to the waiter. The man gave a slight nod and went about his way. Shirley turned the glass upward and didn't pull it down until is was nearly empty.

Micah chuckled and cocked his head to the side. Shirley whipped the residue from the champagne off her mouth and turned to look at Micah. Suddenly, it became a contest as to who would acknowledge the huge elephant in the room.  

"Say something. Anything." Micah whispered, his face never leaving her.

"After eleven years what do you expect me to say Micah?" It sent a chill down her spine when she said his name aloud.

 "More than what you're saying now. A slight mumble would let me know that you're alive inside."

"To be honest Micah, these past eleven years, I have been dead. At least I felt like it."

Shirley paused before she spoke again. She finished off the remains of her drink and looked back at her husband. "You know, I have so much to say to you. On the plane, last night, in the limo I went over the speech I would give when the moment finally came. And now....I'm sitting here...with you...just struggling to keep the pieces of myself from falling apart. My brain is screaming to hate you with ever bone in my body but my heart is still in love with your after all of these years. Its like you never left." She began to release the tears she was fighting.

She stood up and walked over to the balcony. She watched as a few couples continued to dance, while others mingled.

"I feel like I'm fighting who I was, who others expect me to be and who I am now. I'm so lost."

Micah approached her and turned her body around to face him. Shirley was expecting to be pleaded with or receive some clever remark, but she was shocked at the expression in his face. His glasses were no longer existent on his face. There was no shield to hide his glassy eyes and torn face. Shirley could see him fully now. He was just as broken and as she was.

" don't even understand how sorry and remorseful I am. I know you must think in sort of monster for leaving you and the kids to fend for yourselves. I was young, naive, selfish, and now I'm paying for my poor decisions as a boy. I was no man back then. No man would leave his wife and children to chase a dream that was never possible without them in the first place."

"So why didn't you call, write or just somehow let us know you were still breathing? Why wait eleven years to finally see us again. Why Micah?"

He began to shake his head. "I was afraid. Afraid that if I came home, or called, I would be hated so badly that no one would bare to look at me."

Shirley sighed. "Micah, we will always love you. No matter what."

Micah turned and walked in the direction of the love seat. He held his head down and began to weep harder. "I don't deserve you Mae. None of you. I deserve everything bad I have gotten and will get in the future. Karma has been eating my ass alive."

Shirley could feel her heart shatter into millions of pieces. She walked up to the man she loved and lifted his face so that she could see into his soul. He looked back, tears still in his eyes.

"I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." She lifted her face to his and placed her trembling lips onto his.

Suddenly, Micah pulled back, but his face still was near hers.

Her eyes opened and stared at the man. "What?" she whispered.

Micah stood straight up. "I have to tell you something."

"What is it?" Shirley's heart rate tripled.

He opened his mouth but no words breathed out.

"You can tell me anything Micah. I love you." Still he said nothing even when she urged him too. She searched his eyes for some type of answer, but she found nothing.



"I'm...dying. I've got cancer Mae."

Shirley dropped her hands and took multiple steps away from Micah. She struggles to catch her breath but under the current circumstances it was very difficult. She stood in front of him, not saying a word. Her hands remained in the air as she tried to figure out weather to hug him or slap him. The distraught woman froze in the middle of her backward steps, trying to grasp what she just heard. An entire five minutes manage to pass between them.

"I so sorry Mae. I didn't know how else to tell you--"

"When...when did you find out?"

Micah shrugged. "About a week and half before I wrote."

"So that's why..." Shirley said as more of a statement than a question. She didn't even allow him the weigh whether what she had just uttered was rhetorical or not. Her brain was blank, but her legs weren't.

Keeping a tight hold on the ends of her dress so that she did not fall, she darted down the stair that they hand recently come up. The thought of falling never ran across her mind because she and so many the things on it.

 "Mae, wait! Please!" She heard him call from behind, but that would not stop her. She had to get out of here. She needed some fresh air.

"What's going on?" Ellyn peered over Gabriel's shoulder, who had also turned to figure out the reason behind the loud yelling.

"Oh no." Faven whispered to herself as Shirley ran in front of her.

"That son of a bitch." Isaiah instantly grew enraged and stormed over to the man who had obviously hurt his mother for the second time.


"Someone call 911!"

"Oh My God! Micah!

"What Happened?"

"Get Help Now!"


Yaaay! Finally got that part done! Now...It might be while before the next update cause I need to figure out how I want to do the next few chapters! It shouldn't be long though since I'm offcially DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL! YAAAY! So thanks again for reading and keeping up with GF for this long! You guys are wonderful!


  1. ok so Micah is an ass and I hate that I share a name with him.

    He wasn't sorry for what he did or how he left. He lived his life in fame and glory for 11 years never once bothering to write, send money nothing. Now he does it only because he's dying. That no good bastard!!!! He brings her and the kids around the world only to tell them he was leaving again. That was low and wrong and he should have left them be. This wasn't for them, it was for him. He is dying and wanted to try and go with a clear conscience. UGH!!! Selfish that what he was then and that's what he is now.

    1. Honestly, Micah was actually very sorry about abandoning his family. It was the hardest decision he has ever had to make in his life, but y'all don't count Micah out just yet. He's got a few surprises coming ;)

  2. I know he was a selfish person for abandoning his family for 11 years!

    11... YEARS!!!!!!!!

    And I don't care if it makes me a bad person, I felt nothing when he clutched his stomach (not heart, because he doesn't have one.)

    SOB, you find out you have cancer and THEN, THEN remember your pushed-aside family.

    He had better be dead Bri, seriously! Or I WILL be in that hospital to strangle him, no kidding.

    Ooooooooooh, I'll say it again. That ballroom is niceeeeee!

    1. Really nothing? I was hoping yall would get a little sentimental when through Isaiah's anger he was able to say "Dad" ahaha well, I guess since the hatred for Micah is sooo crazy. lol

      Please don't muder him JM! lol Leave all the killing and dying to me ;)

  3. Damn...that's one hellova way to get back into your family's life. Tell them you're dying. What the helll...

    I'm worried about Isiah and I know I have very good reason to be for many reasons, but the main one being...E I'm keeping an eye on those two.

    1. He knew he had waited too long, but he knew he needed to tell Shirley soon, and he's a guy. You can't blame em. Guys always have bad timing. lol

      Yeah, Isaiah has had it rough these pass couple of weeks. Between breaking up with his long time girlfriend and finding out his father wants to be in his life again, he's a big emotional wreck. The only person he feels he can talk to about it is El because well...she knows everything. ANd he just generally feels comfortable around her...

      but as time is going on, he's getting a little too comfy. lol But just blame it on the "Rebound Syndrome". ahha

  4. First of all, I have to say the pictures were absolutely beautiful!

    I read both chapters with tears in my eyes!a

    I can't help but wonder if the only reason he contacted them was because he has cancer, but I choose to believe that the cancer made him brave enough to do it! He knew that he was running out of time.

    I hope that he isn't dead. Poor Shirley! Poor Isaiah and Gabriel!

    Isaiah is jealous of Ellyn and Gabriel. I hope he doesn't cause problems between them!

    Such another great update!

    1. Thanks! And really! Tears! Almost everyone else had anger in their eyes! .lol And like you said, Micah realized life was too short to go any further without letting his family know how much he loved them.

      Isaiah is battling a few emotions within, but he knows Ellyn is a line he cannot cross because she it with his brother, but doesn't mean he doesn't think about it ;)

  5. ~ Bri, first off, I love the pictures!
    ~ I can see where the boys get their good looks from,but Micah, is not going to win any good father & husband awards anytime soon,or ever,fancy, he contacts them to tell them he is dying!It is a little too late!
    ~ He realized at the last hour, that his success is because of his family, that he has neglected all these years!
    ~ Oh! NO! I see trouble looming,with the twins,with El right in the middle!
    ~ Can not wait for more!Loved it! (",)

    1. Thank you Karima!
      Micah knew he was out of time so he just did what he thought was the best thing for his family and himself.

      Three way triangle! lol

  6. Ok this isn't a surprise but just for the record I want Micah dead! I can't believe his ass waited over a decade before contacting his family again and when he does it's because he's dying?!? So not only do they have to live with the fact that he abandoned them but now they have to endure his death too! They already thought him dead for the most part and wrote him off and now Shirley has to suffer even more heartbreak! Fuck him! I hope he dies so painfully!

    1. LOL DJ, My Lord! Let it all out!
      When youre caught up in the Fame, the lights and all the glory, time just slips past you, but when he finally surfaced from it all and looked around at his life, he realized there wasn't anytime left.

      Shirley is taking this the hardest the most. She's just hoping her family accepts some of her feelings toward the situation..

  7. Hi, I've only caught up with this story a few weeks ago. I started at the beginning so I'm glad to have finally gotten up to speed now. First of all, your writing is great. You have a great future ahead of you in that area. The story is so intriguing and each chapter has a perfect ending to keep us all wanting more. Great pacing. I love your pictures too. I look forward to the rest of this story and others from you.

    I couldn't believe Shirley accepted Micah so readily. People change a lot in 11 years so, to me, they wouldn't really know each other at all. I did pick up on Isaiah saying, "Dad." That was a breakthough for him. There's so much more to happen! Can't wait. Congrats on a great job!

  8. I understand her having open arms. You can't just turn love off even when that person is the reason behind you having a damaged heart. He is not only her husband, he fathered her children. That creates a bond in itself because together they created lives.

    I admit I'm not a Micah fan but I am worried about the collapse.


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